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Legendary dragon boosts are not working correctly

I noticed that the legendary boosts weren’t working correctly for Bewildebeast (BB), Crimson Goregutter (CG), and Foreverwing (FW). So, I decided to gather some data to try to find what the issue is. Here is a Google Doc with the information that I found: Legendary Boost Data - Google Sheets

Overall, the legendary resource boosts seem to have several problems that cause it to not function as intended. Some of these results in a larger boost, while other cause the boost to be completely ineffective or a lesser boost than expected. Here are the issues that I found:

  1. CG boost does not work at all. The game will change the gather rates that it tells you, but it does not have any effect on the dragon’s actual gathering rate. This stays the same as before the boost.

  2. The CG statue gives a bonus to the BB and FW boost even though it should have no effect.

  3. BB, CG, and FW statues incorrectly give a 10% bonus taken from the dragon’s base stats instead of taking the 10% bonus from the gather rate after the dragon species statue is calculated.

  4. Some dragons appear to get a different % bonus from the boost compared to other dragons.

  5. The natural boost % (no statues involved) of the three legendaries are all wrong. This in turn affects the rest of the stats, and is further compounded by the incorrect statue bonuses.

  6. The Shellfire boost often does not take into account the bonuses from these three legendaries or Drago’s Bewildebeast. It typically only uses the dragon’s rate without the legendary boost, but including the dragon species statue. However, on a rare occasion, it will use the legendary boosted rates.

In the end, depending on what dragons, boosts, and statues you are using, you can have a higher or lower resource amount than what you should have.

Has anyone else experienced these issues?