Legendary Equipment purchase

Really? Anyone else think this cost is excessive?

Already bought but bad drop

You mean $15 for a single piece of equipment in a mobile game. Yes, it is way overpriced. But you knew that. This whole game, while enjoyable, is obviously nothing but a cash grab. Is unplayable after the first few hours without spending money or wasting hours of your time for “free” gems.

I play, I enjoy it, mostly because of the DND theme, and I even spend a couple bucks when I hit pay walls. But I know it is a cash grab.

I am totaly agree!
This game if you don’t pay is not a game but a lot of frustration.
So you have two choices for having pleasure:

  • spend a lot of money and at the end have trouble with your Bank or with your own image each morning in your miror.
  • do better thing as enjoy your familly (by playing other cooperative video games or tabletop games) or build a familly if you don’t have one! But avoid to lose your time and your money like me with this software and save your money for better thing… The prices are completly crazy!

Look at this isn’t this more ridiculous paying $22 just for 1 legendary gear


I got the same thing but the price was $15 for that legendary. I thought you could only buy 1. I bought 8 for $15 and spent $120. I got all his gear legends X2 because they level up and give more stats. I’m going to hate myself if they give that option for every player weekly. That will be over $1000 and I’m already in for around $550.