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Legendary heroic treasure 2 for 1 VIP only

A huge downer, saved my gems and was waiting for the legendary pack offer.

This kind of kills the progress for good without VIP subscription, and tells me it’s time to quit for good if this is to stay.


I got vip when I started the game so I haven’t really paid attention but hasn’t the 2for1 legendary always been VIP only?

Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.

Gotcha… I wasn’t sure

I must of clicked on it 20 times, always been vip only. If it isn’t sometimes it must be pretty rare

I felt the same way then thinking about, 5 times the 2 for 1 epic is far better value

Its been like this for months, the change happened over the summer, 2for1 legendaries use dto be accessible to everyone. But honestly vip is totally worth getting either way.

Bought the Legendary 2 for 1 for Tommus just 2 weeks back without having VIP. Twice before for other chars during the summer, and never met the VIP requirement before - maybe I just missed it each time then.

Getting enough gems or gold without VIP is not an issue, but getting legendaries is almost impossible now. Getting one from quests once in 2 months, and hitting level 18 not many equipment packs available.

So looks the only way to get legendaries is to subscribe or buy packs with real money.

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Ok good stuff, pity I spent most of the crystals thinking they ,weren’t attainable :wink:

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