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Legendary Hybrid Buff and Nerf Ideas

There is a similar thread about Reworks for Legendary Superhybrids, so I decided to make one about normal Legendary hybrid Reworks, feel free to show your ideas on ways to Buff or Nerf Legendary Hybrids! Here is an idea I had on how to buff Eremoceros:

(Not sure if it should have Swap in Heal or Swap In Distraction)

I would say it really doesn’t need Bleed Resistance since it has 2 ways to Cleanse (one which heals). I like though, but maybe also just have swap in heal? It’s surprisingly good, and can help with the right team.


Eremoceros can actualy be pretty insane if used right it needs no buff

U know what does need a buff?

Porky, dsungaia, dilophoboa, hell even gryleneken, maybe even the legendary gorgonopsids(haven’t realy tested them out yet tho so can’t say if they would need a buff 100%), pteraqetzal as well

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I didn’t know what else to add plus it is a slight resistance.

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You didn’t really need to add much to the resistances except for speed decrease. You can increase it to 100%

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Fixed it

Didn’t make it immune to speed reduction, but I gave it more resistance against speed decrease

I don’t think Eremoceros honestly needs a buff, I’ve been decimating 90% of the dinos I’ve encountered with it and it’s easily become my favourite team member.
Does it fall off later on or something?

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I just feel it needs a buff, mainly with a counter attack like it’s parent Eremotherium and an On Escape like it’s other parent Eucladoceros cause it lacks both of those qualities! (The swap in is just a little icing on the cake to give it that extra cunning, it doesn’t need it but I thought it would be a nice little touch. :3 )

Alot of these changes would be much better suited to being put on an Eremoceros unique hybrid. Going from Early Lockdown to Jurassic ruins with Eremo the only animals I’ve encountered that puts up a fight are Monolometro and Indominus. Resils are usually out tanked and Cunning + Fierce are beaten in 2 turns, sometimes 3-4 if they’re tanky like Allosino. If you were to give it these changes I don’t see any legendary other than perhaps Spinonyx having a chance at killing it.
I do miss having the counter but with the amount of dmg Eremoceros is capable of putting out it’s not needed.

@TheFarshooter to be fair, these are just IDEAS for Buffs and Nerfs. :slight_smile:

(Also I just want a damaging counter attack for Eremoceros and a way for it to help better in raids. -w- )

Group dig in taunt would be an amazing ability for raids without impacting it’s PvP viability so I’m very much down for that.


Eremoceros is pretty good as it is, only thing I’d like to see is for it to have the max counter of the eremotherium