Legendary hybrids, such a shame

Aside from ostapo and the 2 i-rexs there is no team building reason IMO to make any of the other legendary hybrids.

With all the new hybrids and what not by the time you can finally make them and routinely have enough DNA for copies they r already significantly outclassed by all the s hybrids and vips you are starting to pile up. Outclassed in every way and or you already started making various tournament hybrids to fill your gaps. All of which will age better and continue to grow as you continue to play.

I wish something could b done to make these more useful one way or another, they are not even a stepping stone anymore.

We can make sucho hybrid and unay hybrid on D2s game but there is absolutely no reason to aside from the unlock. We have just 1 lvl 10 of each of those on D1’s game and have no reason to buy more. Expensive dust collectors. At least some of the lower hybrids either have shybrids and or are not all that expensive and their cool downs are not ridiculous.

Suchoripterus is one of the cooler hybrids IMO, I wish I could justify a reason to have more of them or take my lvl 30 to lvl 40 but at lvl 40 I wouldn’t have too much use for it and zero use after I move up in ferocity a bit.

Just my 2cents


I’m hanging out at L1 Indo ferocity or about 9000.

5x L40 kool hybrids got me a badge.


@Timmah I already lost count of how many comments you say exactly the same as I could say hehe. The pachyrhino, SADN, to mention a couple, this time is not the exception.

I use those legendary hybrids to get the badges they serve to keep me in the rank of Indoraptor level 1.

It seems that we share a lot in our rhythm of play. Greetings.


It’s because Ludia kinda bailed on the regular releases of S-Hybrids. Thus we get one once in a blue moon and it it will only be for a rare/super rare hybrid. IMHO they could be the key to a very balanced late game that both compliments and destroys both Indos.

The problem is that I don’t think Ludia wants to overthrow either Indo at this, or any, point in time.

Thus they serve as collector items.

I only have all mine at L40 because I had them way before S-Hybrids. All except Priot and both Indoms because they are more powerful than my Ostapo army, and Koola, because Ostapo is superior in every way.

But yes they are totally lackluster and either need buffs or S-Hybrids to be considered a reasonable option to obtain and have in a roster.


If you want a reason sucho can tank 2 hits from most tournament herbivores and even ankylodocus, whereas tapejalosaur cant.

I manage to find ways to use mine alot but unless it gets an s hybrid it’s really not worth the dna investment tbh.


Also the one I do not think is worth the investment the most is koolasaurus, its basically spending dna on a creature that has similar ferocity to diplosuchus, with it’s over a day cooldown your just better off getting more ostapos tbh.