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Legendary hybrids will be roaming your neighbourhood?

Has anyone seen the latest news on twitter. It has a roulette gif. Does that mean they will spawn aswell as being under the green boxes? @J.C @Ned

Just look at the chart for this valentine week. They‘ve postet it on Twitter too. :wink:

To be fair I had the same question as OP. Their post does imply that there will be additional spawns which is kinda misleading.

They say legendary hybrids will be spawning in neighborhoods, and then show ALL legendary hybrids, not just the 5 we will get. They really should just show the ones that will be available.

Its intentional deception, in my opinion. But at least its not like they’re selling incubators and misleading people.


Ah ok sry didn‘t get the question right. Then I better be quiet. :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

No no you’re alright. It would take seeing that post to understand what OP meant. I even asked my alliance if things had changed…was kinda hoping they added more legendary hybrids to sunday and we’d get like 12 attempts

Yeah sorry guys I should phrased my query better. Is the roulette thing just a gimmic? So we are still only getting the 5 mentioned not anything else?

I believe its still just the 5, yes.