Legendary hybrids


There should be a MINIMUM of atleast 30 DNA per fusion.

Taken me a week to find a trex, to do 2 fusions on my indominous, and only get 20 DNA…

I need 200 to level up indominous…

At 10 a time (once in a blue moon 30ish)
Gonna take ages!!

Needs to be a MINIMUM of 30 on legendary fusions


Yes!! My last 9 fuse results for the monostegotops were 10/20/10/10/10/10/10/ 20/10 it ate all those mono dna. These results makes the very difference from level 17 to 18.


Yeah thats why is hard to legit players create and level hybrids, and thats why cheaters can have all at 30 whit unilimited dna


It’s such a pain… it’s even more of a pain when it’s like stegodeous. Spend a week looking for a nodosaurus and you get ten on a nodopato then you finally get to 50 and you get ten on a stegodeous :joy::sob:


@Heather I feel you, I have to sweat blood and tears to hunt during the day in order to get some stegos for stegodeus. Only to get 10s :weary:


It’s the opposite for me, if I could swap you stegs for nodo I would :joy:


not to many stegosaurus here… :thinking:


In colombus they were spawning like pidgey in pokemom go. They have calmed down i see maybe 2 a day now but I was up to like 3k DNA on those things before dumping them into him…20k more coims and stegods lvl 20 weeee


Look who’s decided to join us :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I peek in occasionally :wink:


So true! Today I had a chance encounter with a wild Nodopatosaurus. Still just got 10 DNA for Stegodeus per fusion…


This can all be summed up as “hello darkness my old friend”


I think the fusions for legendaries are fine, but uniques need a boost.