Legendary in wild


How much is the max DNA for a perfect shot on a legendary? Im level 9 and want to know if i have a chance to reach 200 DNA at that one try. :thinking:

And btw. They (legendaries) only appear during special events?


I don’t know how much a direct will get you, but legendaries do appear in the wild.


I’m afraid you have no chance of getting 200,I’m level 11 and got 50 odd DNA on the latest challenge.Sorry to burst your bubble.

At rank 11 I’m getting 21 DNA max hit


Level seven here max hit gets me ten


I’m level 10, and I haven’t been able to break 200 on a common that I’m standing right on top of. (Came close a few times with 190-ish)

Good luck with the legendary. I think it’s supposed to just give you a head start, not unlock it right out the gate.


Wow your lucky Oneton,to date I’ve never seen a legendary in the wild.I’m not doubting you,you must be very fortunate,so well done.


Nope, they just mean the Pyrritator from Dinosaur of the Day right now …


Ah I see what you mean hehe


Maybe with vip u have more time and very good shots. I can maybe get 120 on good day so no 200 for me hehehe


Outside of events, no they do not currently.