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Legendary incubator or T-Rex one?


Deciding which incubator to purchase. I’m at lvl 9, battlegrounds 4, I didn’t battle early on. Team consists of lvl 12-14 epic Dino’s. I can either get first legendary (incubator guarantee) or upgrade T-Rex to lvl 15 (500 dna incubator). Prob best to get first legendary?


although they are both priced outrageously, since you are asking ill answer. the legendary incubator is any random legendary and if you arent working on it, wont help you. but you may get lucky and get what you need. the guarenteed trex dna will get you what you specifically want which is trex dna.


I got lucky and got allosino which got my Thor to 24 but it’s a huge gamble

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Ludia has been depleting T-rex and other epics from the wild so we are tempted to buy those overpriced incubators. I’d advice not buy any of them to send a clear message.

If you are determined to spend always avoid randomness. Go for the safe T-rex. You don’t want to end up with a ton of monomelotrodon DNA


Perhaps I can hold off on both.

I don’t have any legendary, but I guess a bad one is possibly worse than none?


None. Don’t be mad and pay 50$ for a broken mobile game. And don’t be lazy and buy yourself a legendary dino, cheap.


I gambled and got 200 useless Ankylosaurus…

If you have to buy one I would get trex although may be a safer option to hold the money until the next hard cash sale and spend it on that as would be more useful


Buying coins seem like a better deal then 200 legendary dna.


Just because the incubator has a T rex on the front, doesnt mean it gives him to you.


this one is guarenteed. it says 500 trex plus other epic dna

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i bot one…500 t rex plus some conca and sino


Ok, I have had some experience with guaranteed dinos, and havent gotten the dino.
Just saying that so ppl dont get their hopes up!


its guarenteed this time. that would really be false advertisement then.


Lol that’s the first time I hear someone saying that


Think he meant alankylo… since that’s the incu that gives 200 legnedary lol

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idk lol. im on this board to much. time for a break lol.


I replied to the wrong person lol maybe i need a break too :thinking:


Step 1 : nerf t-rex spawns…
Step 2 : wait a little amount of time
Step 3 : offer a guaranteed T-rex DNA in a real cash only incubator
Step 4 : profit


Damn. I spent all my 4 month saving of cash on legendary incubator and got Monomimus. I wouldn’t even care to have her on my team. WASTED

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Absolutely genius.
All they do is that XD.
What next, no erliko?
I think ludia is listening…
Dont get any ideas!