Legendary Incubators


Legendary Incubators, is there such thing or is it just a rumour? image


There is a visual glitch that occassionally happens in the battle screen on my game that shows that incubator for a flash. I cant seem to get a pic and when i try to record i see nothing. Pretty sure we will see them soo though. Big money!!!


Yeah I can’t find anything even close to solid proof on the internet, wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t one yet but having them in the game would explain the reason why the top of the leaderboard have so many legendaries, just need a peace of mind.


I have had a couple of 24 hour incubators and a few 12 hour ones too but that’s about it lol


From what I can tell if your vip there are premium incubators but they are green in colour but look identical so there could be a chance we will see these in the future. Premiums go for double what epic incubators go for just fyi.