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Legendary Mod battle

Question, I’m on tht 3rd legendary mod battle and tht AI has steal, nullify, killer instinct as it’s mods. If I use a single mirror mod and a cheap common mod, will I mirror the AIs mods or will the AI steal it and mirror mine (mirror, common mod, and blank)?

I’m pretty sure mirror activates pre battle and nullify is a during the battle on dino activate.

If you are concerned, don’t put the mirror first.

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I was kind of hoping that he would steal my mirror and his mods would mirror mine (nothing for the first one since it would be my mirror mod, then his nullify would turn into a common mod, and his killer instinct would turn into nothing since i left my last one blank). I just wasn’t sure if it would turn the last one into a blank spot.

I ended up using steal first thinking I would steal his steal since I have the first move, but he ended up stealing my steal. I’m not sure why that’s what happened, but oh well. I can’t remember my middle mod, or maybe I didn’t use one. I put inspire in my last slot and ended up winning.

That is what I did too. I put a common mod that wouldn’t hurt me first to steal. And an ok mod last.

Nothing in the middle to steal or nullify.

I put a clone in first with a weak dino. Then the stealing one cloned my weak dino with class advantage and was able to take him out.

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It depends on who goes first in the battle. If you go first yours will activate If they go first there’s will.

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I did go first, but the AI stole my steal mod instead of the other way around. I was thinking the same way you are, but it didn’t work out that way. In the end I still won, but if that would have decided my fate, I would have been upset.

Did everyone else get two Survival mods on the first battle? I was glad it wasn’t a class specific mod event with that major challenge in there! Made me miss my large collection of Nullify mods that I so recently traded away.

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I think so.

My game crashed again when it activated. I can’t say about the second dino as I had a nullify.

Ah right, I almost forgot about that. Yes, Survival seems to have a bug right now that crashes the game. Happened to me with the last mod event too. At least in a PvE you can pick up where it crashed. Would be really problematic if they have a mod tournament where that particular mod shows up quite a lot.

If you Nullify the Survival it doesn’t crash the game

Which as I said, I don’t have anymore. :wink: I try to get these mod events accomplished with whatever mods the wheel spins give me that will work. It was not being generous with letting me have even a single Nullify today. We certainly shouldn’t have to rely on having certain mods to not have our games crash!

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My comment was mostly factitious

Oh I’m sure you were just rubbing it in that you have a copious amount of Nullify’s to use… and I don’t! :slight_smile:

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Yes, it had two survivals for me too. I believe I stole the first one and nullified the second.