Legendary more than once a month

I have been 30 dna away from the erlidominus for going on six weeks. I can’t compete in my arena because I never see kentrosaurus or erlikasaurus. I even tried an epic scent at a bus station (supposed to be where they nest and I got zip. Ten bucks for a rajasaurus and a spinosaurus. I have been trying to create this legendary since January when I got Indominus. I am no longer competitive in my arena. What can I do?

Wait until Sanctuary release and stick Erlik in there.

The amount you get for sanctuaries is so tiny. I guess the erlidominus will be a nice christmas present.

If you time it right, you can get over 60 erlik per day from a sanctuary. That’s plenty to help make the final push to create Erlidom.

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Exactly how does that work?

Read this thread:

Basically, you get 6F/6I/6T per day (2 more I if you never sleep). At sanctuary level 6 and using level 20 epic dinos as an example, you get 4 dna for the first F, 2 dna for the first I, and 4 dna for the first T. Only do these actions on the same dino once every three hours or you get less dna for successive taps.

So 6Fx4dna + 6Ix2dna + 6Tx4dna = 60 dna.

If you have more than one of the level 20 epic dino in the sanctuary, you can speed up the process. Just always long tap the icon to make sure you are going to get the max dna.

Thanks… in a weird coincidence an erlikasaurus showed up twice in the last day (which is equal to the number of times I saw one in the last two months) and I was able to get the unique. I will follow your suggestion.