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Legendary or Unique scents

As I am sitting here enjoying my lunch a thought comes to mind. Why aren’t there legendary and unique scents? Basically scents that guarantee some legendaries and uniques will pop up. It sounds like a great idea.


It sounds like too much.


Would make end game too easy for newer players with big wallet (assuming it’s monetized and which will probably cost a bomb per scent)

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Yea! I’d love this. 200 Dino bucks! Only difference is…

It lasts 10 minutes. Your guaranteed one legendary. Every 2 minutes, there’s a boosted chance of a legendary spawn.

Unique costs 5, and every min, boosted chance of unique spawn. Guaranteed unique too.


Me: walking Woah look at this big boy Ardentismaxima!

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That is why I was thinking that the legendary and unique scents would be accessible once a player hits level 10. Kind of like how boosts were not available for lower leveled players.

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Or get it from a strike event that goes up twice a week

If it was completely random maybe, as that wouldn’t even guarantee that you’d create it after darting a single one.
We’re talking about a 10k scent price if this would ever be a thing. Would you pay that?

as much as i like the idea of this, they shouldn’t be available for purchase.
tournament reward or special strike event reward. Shorter timer as well.


Yes completely random

But epics and rares aren’t guaranteed every 2 minutes either, so why would the legendary or unique’s be? I think guaranteeing them every two minutes would be too much. If they ever did them they should work the same as the other scents.


I totally agree with you

Or do it that way

Please tell me you’re joking

I may be a fan of scents, but outright getting the legendaries/uniques is too easy. I prefer to get the basic ingredients and keep collecting them.

I just figured it would help take the edge off of those long fusing strains that seem to take forever. Also, it would provide a leg up for players to advance in arenas.

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I’ll respectfully disagree.
It’s not a good idea. Is the goal to make JWA even more pay-to-win? It doesn’t make sense to give Ludia ideas on how to charge your account (more)… and then also complain about the arena being unbalanced … or attracting :whale:… or literally any other complaint.

I actually give Ludia a lot of credit for not doing this… it’s against their character to give up an opportunity to monetize.

Good work Ludia :+1:t4:
(And I genuinely mean that)

*For reference, recall the time when there were 4 days of unique attempts. That was free and caused all sorts of problems for upper and lower arenas alike. We can assume, based on history, that when a feature goes on sale once … it will most likely go on sale again, and again, and again.


It was just an idea that popped in my head that I thought would have been cool. Of course thoughts and translation to paper is a whole different execution. But what if it has nothing to do with HC or gold? What if it is distributed twice a week or so in strike events with only a limit of 2 scents kind of like the other scents. This way it controls the distribution. I am not asking it to be monetized.

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the way i thought i could work is…
the dinos you dart with a “normal scent” give out a small amount of legendary/ unique dna. (gonna go off unique stats i was thinking of) Like they are holding onto something from a unique dino.
each rarity is given a max amount of dna that can be given out. (5-10-15 for example) The better you are at darting, the more you get. So a perfect score (between x and 360 on a common dino (or whatever the max is for non vip) would net you 5 unique dna.) The dna would also be random so you’re relying on the rng gods to give you what you’re hoping for.

The only times I know that we’ve been able to make legendaries or uniques without getting their components to fusion levels were on Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. After St. Patrick’s Day, a lot of people fussed and we haven’t seen that possibility for nearly a year (unless you count all the I-Rex/Indoraptor darting, but that would still take a long time and you’d need to progress slowly). I think handing out legendaries like Valentine’s Day might be alright about maybe once or twice a year. I wouldn’t riot if they do it with uniques again, but being able to pull a unique just off scents seems like too much to me even if it takes six months.