Legendary pack?

Has anyone bought one of these 2 for 1 packs?

Will this be 2 or 4 legendary items? How does it compare to the 3000 gem chest? that appears to have a lot of cards but I’m not sure what the chances of a legendary are.

Thoughts on buying the above or saving a little more for the 3000 gem chest ?

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I bought one once, one legendary in each pack, so a total of two. picked up the pants and disintegrate. VERY worth it. legendaries are rare, getting two at once for the strongest character is great. it was a little expensive, but it you see one legendary in the store it costs 2K gems, so this is a steal

edit: I’ve never bought the big chest, but you only have a chance to get one legendary, this comes with two and gold, well worth it. you might even get two of the same one and be able to upgrade it!!!

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Some characters lots of the legendary cards aren’t that good. But for the wizard almost everyone is the best option. So if you have extra gems it can’t be good for her. Many other characters I probably wouldn’t recommend it.

But yeah there marketing is deceiving

I got it and got a second Shard for the Legendary Staff and got her Legendary armor which was a nice stats upgrade over the level 4 Epic I had.

The 2 cards per pack is 1 card of gold, about 2-2.5k and then a single legendary.

ooooo, an upgraded staff, very nice!!

I bought it. Legendary armor was a huge upgrade. 4th card of her hood made me sad. Still no staff. :frowning:

Staff is all I have unlocked for her, very tempted to go for it.
Thanks all.

I received her armor and her accessory (meh).