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Legendary pack

Most people is looking for legendary’s and is saving up for those moments where you sell the packs.
You did it twice for the wizard, once for the cleric and now that we are at the archer, you change your set up so thats it’s VIP ONLY, are you SERIOUS ?!

The drop chance for legendary’s is less than 0.05% and even then, they have 1 / 48 chance of been the one they are looking for.

So why did you had to change this ? I mean other than pissing off 90% of your player base.
You’re not giving something to the VIP, you’re stealing away from the regular players.

YEAH, you guys are money hungry!

I am not the first, nor the last to say this.
Stop phishing for wales, yes you get 1 dropping 200$ here and there, and maybe a complete idiot dropping 1 000$ +.
But you’d get way more if items were affordable.

The VIP, for me is 14$ a month, which is more than World of Warcraft, twice more than ANY other app game. So WHY is it this high when you do not even offer anything for VIP and it has been told numerous times that once you register for it, the special drops in chest or dungeons reward are almost never appearing again.

Do the math, which one is best ? 5 wales of 200 a month for a total 1 000$, or 10 000 fishs for 5$ each.
think about it. I mean, SERIOUSLY think about it. @devs

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I concur. Paywalling the 2 for 1 legendary pack is problematic.

Free to Play players are effectively content for other players. They are in game content for PvP. They are out of game content for forums, social media and chat.

If I can’t make meaningful progress by accessing the 2 for 1 legendary pack offer without a VIP subscription, I’m out.

I noticed that too and I thought that all Legendary packs were ViP, then I saw this thread and then I got vexed. I got vexed cuz I ended up buying the epic twice to get his damn and lame epic bow lol ah well.

Yeah I can forgive a lot but making the legendary pack VIP only was pretty disappointing.

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Well somehow they gotta make money to pay the devs and customer support to add new content and such so…

I just spent $300 for 48,000 gems. The 2 for 1 deal for the bird is unlimited. I maxed out all the common cards as for 80 gems gets you 682 common cards. I then spent 15000 gems getting 12 legendary cards. I spent the rest on epic cards saving the rest of my gems on other 2 for 1 cards for other players in the future. I can tell you that maxed out common cards go to level 16 and are better then level 4 legendary cards. I can now 1 shot an entire row 3 rows away. He’s way op now. I also have him on counter attack for 5 times with a 4 turn cool down. He has a 75% chance hitting the entire row with 50% more damage. He can clear anything now in pvp or events. I already cleared out the story mode. I spent a total of $900 since release. I really don’t wanna spend anymore.

The paladin will now be able to counter all the fun good effects on the team so go Pally in pvp

Wow! So long as it’s within your gaming budget, and your deriving value from your purchases, you have my thanks for supporting the developers.

Imagine just imagine if they just charged $30, $40, or $50 up front, and then $20 or $30 for real substantial expansions every 6 to 9 months instead of designing the game as as to drive micro transactions.

dusts off the post

Happenned again, this time with Shevarith, the 2 for 1 legendary packs ARE locked behind the VIP paywall. Guess that’s the new official way to do it.

Just another nail in this greedy coffin

Yup - Un-install is your friend.

That’s … disappointing. I had hoped that they would come up with new/additional content that would be just for subscribers. Instead they made the game a little more fun and rewarding with update 10 while simultaneously locking content which had previously been free behind the pay wall. The new character and challenge events were ok. The 2 for 1 legendary packs hurt. For now, the game is still fun. I don’t know how long that will last.

2,500 gems is not an easy amount to farm for free so I guess they simply don’t want people buying gems to use on this offer.

It’s not easy to farm for free but it can be done. People also farm tapjoy offers or buy gems directly. It is completely asinine that after you do the hard work to earn the premium currency, or you suffer inane tapjoy offers, and or you spend real world currency on this game that you then have to spend more real money to spend your fake money.

I’ve been playing almost 3 months now and have just over 2,500 gems so yes, they can be farmed but is someone buying something good 4 times a year really too much to ask for? As for Tapjoy, since you brought them up as a gem source, I would not use or encourage others to use their services. Tapjoy has plagued other games that I have played with horrible customer service and repeated refusal to payout game currency earned by players. Why any game would allow them to victimize their customers is beyond my comprehension.

I don’t remember seeing any gem challenges since the update either.

Even if they improved the challenge economy as your math suggests, they still have discretion to make free to play more difficult by limiting ways to both acquire and spend gems, which appears to be exactly what the devs seem to be doing.

If the next 2 for 1 legendary pack deal is VIP gated, and if we don’t get a gem challenge next week, I’ll seriously be considering dropping this game.

Game is gonna be all bots, and the devs can play with the support staff… sigh.

Very disappointed that legendary offer is now VIP only, if we have the gems please let us spend them on the items. You’re asking people to pay twice, once for the gems and again for VIP.

I’m not surprised if it’s the bots that are keeping the game alive… kinda like Diablo 2.