Legendary packs only contained 1 card

There were supposed to be 2 in each, but there was only one. It should have been 4 total legendary gears. I only got 2.

not a bug, legendary packs always only have 1 legendary in it, so the 2 for 1 packs you just get 2 legendary items, sucks I know but thats what it is.


That’s not true, I’ve always gotten 4 legendaries with the 2 for 1

I bought 2 of these today and when i opened them it said I got the same card twice, but I am pretty sure it only actually gave me one card. I making a ticket

No you don’t. I’ve been playing a long time and have bought tons of 2 for 1 packs. You get 2 legendary items and that’s it. The way they word it is confusing but it’s only two total. It says right on your pack you have a Screenshot of that you get two, that’s the total amount you get, you don’t get two packs that each have two in them. If you got four total there would not be so many high level people still needing a lot of legendary cards. Record a video next time and post it if you are getting four, actually don’t because that’s s bug that would be specific to you that they actually would fix since you would be getting double the amount of legendary items anyone else is.

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There is only 1 card per Legendary pack. I have opened many packs and confirm they have always contained 1 card. The 2-for-1 deals provide a total of 2 cards.

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