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Legendary poll

What are y’all going for tomorrow? :thinking:

  • Indominus Rex
  • Utasinoraptor
  • Allosinosaurus
  • Tryostronix
  • Spinotasuchus

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2 or 3 Tryo to get mine to L30, the rest Indom for my Erlidom :+1:t2:


It’s been 211 days… but who’s counting :sweat_smile: Will be going all 5x attempts on queen today :heart:


What is your experience on darting her? :grinning: want to go all out on utasino as well

I think I changed my mind. I‘m gonna go after Indom like 4 times cuz she‘s ingredient of Erlidom and Iraptor and then Utahsino cuz Utarinex.

I’m a bad darter,so i choose utasinoraptor nec it’s (hopefully) the easiest to dart

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I did 4 Indom because of the T-rex it saves from fusing for Erlidom and Indo. Assuming I ever find an Anky again I can continue creating Tryko with that Rexy. So T-rex is a little more useful to me right now than the other ingredients for these lines.

I have one shot left. Thinking Utahsin because I’m close to level 22 Utarinex and I have plenty of rare Draco.

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you can’t go wrong with any of the 5 out there :slight_smile: I went all utasino because sino is more of a problem for me than t-rex (with the daily rewards) and I live in local 2 so have a good amount of dracorex

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I’m still debating… do I power up what I already have… or save fuses to prep for a unique I’m not far from getting a start on…

Utasino - level up more (average darting of about 150-170)
Allosino - Prep work for saving fuses on Thor (average darting of about 120-140)

True! I’m also trying to look ahead. 1,450 DNA away from 30 Indo and in my part of the world we’re heading into spring - less night hours to get raptor. So saving raptor was also a consideration for me.

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I’m just going for spinotah.
I need a bleeder on my team.

Woot people still going utahsino!? Nerf’s be damned I suppose! Went all allosino cause Thor is practically a trex (i actually imagine a Rex head on the bod when in battle ROFL!) that learned how to fight what not to love!

Bit late of a darting tutorial, but for those that haven’t completed the event yet, and were hoping on tips to darting the queen… here it is :heart_eyes: Managed to score 242, but could’ve broke 250+ range if I didn’t miss the first direct :sweat_smile: Enjoy