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Legendary Quests and Collection not working as expected: Completed Caught in a Trap and next Quest and Screaming Death Collection are missing

When I completed the Caught in a Trap quest the collection for Screening Death is not displayed in the collections. For all the other legendaries, whenever a quest was completed for the first collection item, such as getting the 1st Sreaming Tooth, the applicable legendary collection would display such as:

I currently am at Meade Hall level 11.

Also, the wiki states that you only need to complete Caught in a Trap to unlock the Battle Cry quest. I have no quests for Screaming Death at this time displayed.

Iā€™m thinking there is a problem with my account and want to confirm with those who completed this Screaming Death quest.

@ronald, support told me I needed Meade Hall 12 to get the next quest and the collection to show up for Screaming Death. Completed and still not working in our account.

Any one else have similar issues now or in the past?

You need 2200 Vikings i think

@Evanejo, are you still in touch with support regarding this matter?

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It now works. Thanks for all your help.

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