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Legendary Raptor Battle Royale Alternate Endings (JWA Battles Alternate Endings)

If you haven’t read the original, here you go:

In a nutshell, it was a battle between Pyritator, Alloraptor, and Utahsinoraptor with the deaths resulting in a Pyritator with a cracked neck, and a Utahsinoraptor taking a toe claw to the stomach. However, how would the others win? Let’s see.

Pyritator Victory:
We leave off at the scene where Allo is ready to pounce Pyri to finish him, but is immediately knocked back by Utahsino. Pyri decides to play dead. After Allo’s and Utahsino’s fight, Alloraptor is about to nom on the Stegoceratops before being bit on the tail. Pyritator swings Allo backward, who hits a rock this time. Pyri jumps and claws Allo stomach, ending him. Pyri makes the raptor calls before rushing to his dinner, and notices the Dilorano. Dilorano immediately runs on sight.

Utahsinoraptor Victory:
We leave off at the scene where Utahsino is currently stabbing Allo, and kicks him forward. Utahsino pounces Allo, who counters with a few swipes to the face, but it isn’t enough to take out Utahsino. Utahsino then bites Allo’s neck, and breaks it. Utahsino rushes over to the Stegoceratops corpse, with Dilorano already helping himself to it. Utahsino gives a death stare, causing Dilorano to run.

Hope you like these alternate endings, more will be released overtime.