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Legendary Raptor Battle Royale (JWA Battles #12)

Welcome back to JWA Battles! Hold on, I’m not doing these weekly, am I? Whoops! Didn’t mean for it to come to that so soon. We’ll be back on track overtime, but once again, we play the game by determining the size, speed, and power of JWA’s hybrids!

Last time, we had a battle between Tyrannolophosaur and Allosinosaurus which ended with a neck crack for Allosino. F In the chats for everyone’s second favorite legendary chomper.

This time, we have a battle between the legendary raptors! Nope, no Indoraptor Gen 2. That thing does not count as a raptor due to all the different DNA throwing it off. Alloraptor, the fierce one, Utahsinoraptor, the armored one, and Pyritator, the fish eating one. Ok, let’s go.


Height: 12 Ft
Length: 18 Ft
Weight: 1 Ton
Bite Force: 500 Pounds
Speed: 30 MPH
Advantages: Strongest, gashing bite, most stat advantages
Disadvantages: Only second fastest, second most durable, making it a bite easier of a target
Alloraptor is made from Delta’s Velociraptor DNA and Allosaurus. Technically, it is the Gen 2 Allosaurus. For now, we are just using Velociraptor and Allosaurus stats. And because of this, we are using In-Gen’s velociraptor and not the real one, otherwise Alloraptor wouldn’t be much of a challenge for many opponents. And for all raptors we use the intelligence. Anyway, Alloraptor is strong, fast, and smart. Its bite force may be weak, but its claws certainly aren’t. Combined with the speed, this makes Alloraptor a force to be reckoned with. Its disadvantage is the Velociraptor being one of the weaker raptors and Allosaurus being one of the weaker carnivores, but combined, there is nothing it can’t do: as long as it’s not too large. Overall, Alloraptor is a fast and fierce Allosaurus and Velociraptor hybrid, however Velociraptor over other raptor DNA may cause some problems.

Height: 10 Ft
Length: 20 Ft
Weight: 2 Tons
Bite Force: 600 Pounds
Speed: 22 MPH
Advantages: Largest, armored, possibly the strongest bite
Disadvantages: Slowest, weakest physically
Utahsinoraptor is another armored carnivore project created by InGen along with Allosinosaurus, except this one uses Utahraptor instead of Allosaurus. Instead of being a mixture of power and durability, this one is a mixture of durability and speed. Thanks to its armor, it can successfully make quick attacks to its foes, that along with its intelligence. It has a weaker bite than most raptors thanks to the herbivorous Sinoceratops not even being a big biter in the herbivore kingdom, but when you have sharp claws and strong armor, you’re not gonna need a crummy bite force. Overall, Utahsinoraptor is fast, intelligent, and durable, however lacks the proper physical power and bite force.

Height: 8 Ft
Length: 15 Ft
Weight: 0.8 Ton
Bite Force: 400 Pounds
Speed: 38 MPH
Advantages: Fastest, can swim, second strongest
Disadvantages: Smallest, least durable
Pyritator is a spinosaurid raptor hybrid created persumably after Spinoraptor/Spinotahraptor for unknown reasons, but you’re not here to see me question InGen making another one of these, but to find out about this hybrid. Like many raptor hybrids, this one is fast and intelligent, and Irritator DNA actually doesn’t slow it down as much as other raptor hybrids’ components, making it one of the fastest raptor hybrids out there. Pyroraptor is also rougly twice the size of Velociraptor (weight-wise), making this one quite fierce as well. It also has the ability to swim, giving it massive advantages on water battlegrounds. However, on land is where things become more difficult for it. We know spinosaurs as fish-eaters, providing a weakness in the predator, but that doesn’t matter when you’re a super intelligent, super fast killing machine! Overall, pyritator is fast, intelligent, and has semi-aquatic abilities, but land may be its weakness.

Utahsinoraptor can be seen enjoying the carcass of the fallen Stegoceratops, munching hungrily. Nearby, a Pyritator pops out onto land for a land hunt, before noticing the Stegoceratops corpse. He leaps on, ready to take a bite, and then notices Utahsino. Alloraptor is chasing down Diloranosaurus before catching the scent of Stegoceratops, and immediately rushes towards it. Dilorano roars in relief. Allo makes it to the carcass, and notices Pyri and Utahsino. All three get into a fighting pose, ready to rumble. Wanting to get rid of what seemed the strongest, Pyri pounced Allo, who kicks him off easily.Utahsino leaps and claws Pyri into the ground before Allo pounced him midair. Locked down, Utahsino avoids the bites of Allo before Pyri bites Allo’s tail and throws him into a nearby tree. Utahsino, not wanting to waste the chance, clawed Pyri’s face, immediately angering Pyri. Pyri then slashes Utah’s face back, before catching him in a combo of claw, bite, tail whip, and finishing off with a pounce, which Utahsino dodges in time. Allo leaps to claw Pyri, who dodges and counters with a bite to the tail again, but doesn’t get the chance to throw Allo this time. Allo slashes at Pyri, finally pouncing him and breaks his neck, finishing him. Utahsino takes advantage of Allo’s pose and claws at him, but Allo bites his arm, and breaks it off, eating the arm. Not too happy with that, Utahsino pounces and stabs Allo with one claw. Allo breaks free, and decides the battle is over. Allo pounces, this time biting the frill and causing major wounds on it. Utahsino looks at Allo before getting toe-clawed in the stomach, ending him. Allo leaps off, and, after a long day of hunting and fighting, decides it’s time to help himself to the Stegoceratops corpse. The Dilorano from earlier eats the corpse silently, before Allo tells him off, causing him to flee.

Man, was this one a tough one. All 3 raptors had their own advantages, but let’s just jump into the analysis. Pyri went out first thanks to being mostly made for water battles. Had this fight taken place near a body of water, he could easily drown the other two with no effort. However, having the second weakest bite between them and the least durability always meant in a fair battle, he wouldn’t last long. This ultimately came down to Utahsinoraptor vs Alloraptor. At first glance, you would think, wouldn’t Utahsinoraptor just win? After all, that armor and frill helps, right? Wrong. You see, while yes, Utahsinoraptor is heavily armored for its size, this also creates problems. It was the slowest and physically weakest of the 3, relying mostly on its size, armor and bite force to grab a win. However, Alloraptor’s wounding bite and claws can completely negate the armor and outclass the stronger bite force so long as it bleeds out. Allosaurus occasionally bites the skin from large sauropods, so I have no doubt that Alloraptor couldn’t do the same to Utahsino. And while yes, Utahsino is larger, it isn’t by much. The velociraptors in the Jurassic Universe are way larger than ours, making this fight far more favorable for Alloraptor. While, yes, you could argue that even then,.Utahraptor is still larger, once again, not by much. All 3 raptors put up a great fight, but none of them could handle the strategy and power of Alloraptor, making the winner, well, Alloraptor!


Do you agree with the results? Calcs? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Don’t forget to leave your own suggestion for battles, and the next fight will be picked by you guys!

  • Pteraquetzal VS Dimodactylus
  • Monomimus VS Procerathomimus
  • Sarcorixis VS Grypolyth

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Note the calcs on the sizes of the raptors may be a little off. I compared the Jurassic Park Velociraptors (and grew the Pyroraptors, although still larger than Veloci) to Utahraptors (who is still the lagest) in real life, which may be why they seem so similarly sized in height and length.

Yey my champion and a unique fight! Thx

Lol, toe clawed in the stomach

Wait why is pyri better in the water. Oh wait never mind, irritator. But still its not aquatic. @Dinosaur_King The wonderful, horrific crunch sound of that guy form JP3.

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Yes, definitely @Colin :rofl:

I’d love to see monomimus impale procera with the spike on its head

Oh geez, no Dino should suffer that death but a cool plot it presents.

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ProRat definitely deserves that death

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True. Now I’m imaginging the fallen kingdom death with a monolmetradon skull and a indo g2. I actually quite like its design as well as procerats. Its just the moves made it a hated creature.