Legendary Screaming Death : Finally i have it!

After more than 2 years trying i am but 1 item short of finally gaining my Legendary Screaming Death dragon, it has been one nightmare after another trying to get the required amount of each item to finally get this dragon completed. The randomness of the items you need were so few and far between i almost gave up trying to get it more than once across the course of 2 plus years. LUDIA something needs to be done about the miserly drop rate when it comes to items required to get these Legendary dragons plain and simple as that !.
But for everyone else reading this i present for your enjoyment a dragon about to be released from the hellish prison it has been locked up in for more than 2 years trying desperately to escape from lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Just wait till you see how much you need to unlock the next 3. Especially amber and iron for the shellfire

Well here we are today everyone and its a day of celebration all round, today i finally unlocked my LEGENDARY SCREAMING DEATH DRAGON.!. ( refer posted picture to see just how long it eventually took me to unlock this dragon and believe me the amount of time it took me to do that is not only mind boggling but absolutely staggering to say the very least … ENJOY everyone !


Congrats @JoeVolcano27! Nice work :clap: