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Legendary Skoolasaurus

This dino needs superiority strike or thag or slowing impact or something.

Not sure what its useful for, or even what its supossed to counter.


As it stands right now, it unfortunately falls under some category that can be named along the lines of “ludia’s failed designs”… now, I’m not going to be the one to say how many dinos and/or things from this game can fall under that category, but you can take your guess…
Skoola could be a cute but mean machine, but they didn’t treat her fairly it seems.
:confused: just like us players aren’t treated fairly :man_shrugging::joy:


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They changed her moves though to make her slightly better

revenge killing with it helps a bit (set up long protection shield, or use rampage) (to charge distracting rampage, ready the next turn)

Maybe a future hybrid , just like 95% of the unusable filler creatures in this game? Except for the pattern of creating a brand new hybrid that needs to be taken to level 20 just to fuse into non meta relevant uniques like happened in 1.6 and 1.7. Because of that, I just try to build what is on my team and works now. My long game strategy is working on leveling up my self care strategies to level my endgame realization that I don’t need to carry around a sub-par game as a coping strategy.

I’m gonna use this week hybrid pursuit to level it up to level 20 just in case there will be its Unique superhybrid in the future.