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Legendary stroke tower


Lydia should look into doing a Legendary stroke tower instead of the epics all the time. Every once in a while they have Legendary incubators for sale where you get 200 DNA.

These could be the boss battles like the Lythronax boss or a level 30 Apatosaurus with the highest health in the game


After reading the post, I’m assuming the word “stroke” is a typo… And I was looking forward to a funny complaint topic about the Boss tower. :joy: Anyways, time to comment about the actual topic. It’s a neat idea. Unfortunately, I doubt Ludia will ever do it. That’s more or less a guaranteed Legendary, as long as you get all 200 for one Hybrid. That’s way to much money to lose out on for Ludia to consider.


It saddens me that the first comment to this is from someone who doesnt remember the og stroke tower thread.

I like this idea in general.

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Remember it? I probably wasn’t even on the forums yet when that thread was made. :joy:


But first, they must nerf Apatosaurus‘s health. Then they may do a stroke tower with it. Might be interesting. :joy:


Level 30 apato would be easy.
Just need immune or bleed. Since he has low damage, it opens an advantage. But the health is a problem.


I think we should get a Lady Apato aka Berserk Granny.
With Immunity, 131 speed, higher dmg and like 50% armor. We had Lord Lythronax, gimme the old Berserk lady!!!

I think that would be a funny sketch to draw. :joy:


Lydia needs to stroke more towers if you ask me. Not enough event play and that’s my favorite.


I’ve been saying that for months. They should make epic towers with 18-25 dinos or only one level 30, and change the 3x level 30’s to red legendary towers.