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(legendary) superhybrids deserve to be better than hybrids

Remember the time when indo g2 used to be meta? Carnotarkus? Tryostronix? Monostegotops? Or even stegodeus and spinotasuchus? Now all of them are not viable anymore, except maybe tryo is good at raids. But the point is, why are the strongest legendaries hybrid? Look at the GP tier list, 0 legendaries in tyrant, 4 legendaries in high elite… all of them are hybrids, 14 legendaries in mid elite, where only 3 of them are superhybrids… What even is the point of their existence right now? Why would people create and level them and use them if it takes more effort but weaker? I’m not too against legendary hybrids being good, but I really want legendary superhybrids to be good as well. I hope the game buff the current legendary superhybrids and make more meta-defining legendary superhybrids as well. I really miss back then when many legendaries are still meta alongside the uniques


I remember it that i love using indor gen 2

There seriously are too many superhybirds that are worse than there hybrid counterpart. And we do really need to fix some of those hybrids listed, for example Spinotasuchus comes from a cunning-feirce but has absolutely no cunning moves???


I can break armor or perform rampage

Yeah the worst of them is megalo. By far the weakest super hybrid(legendary)
I swear gorgo(epic) is better
But I have no idea on how you would buff it.

I’d turn Meg into a more offensive version of grypo keeping its current move set but adding no escape some armor and a tad more health then it currently has.

That’s one of its bigger weakness right now it’s a counter attacker with pretty low health and no armor.

Giving it no escape allows a more easily accessible Dino to lock swappers down. Giving low level players are decent tool in combating draco.


I’ve just made a buffed version of all of the legendary superhybrids, some are even better at raids, but most of them are more viable in the arena. The buffs I’ve given to them probably still won’t make them tyrant level, but I can see some of them moving up to high/mid elite
Ask and I will post their rework info

Btw this is my new megalo
Health buff, longer ferocity, impact>rampage, gets shield instead of heal. Counter is now precise, and gains stun resistance
The health buff with shield allows it to survive longer (removed heal because neither components has heal), having a rampage move also allows it to deal a lot of damage outside counter. It now does a huge amount of damage and is a force to be reckoned with. Stun resistance also means you can’t rely on stunning to stop it

Indo g2:
Distracting impact and evasive stance changed to pounce and cloak, gains speed resistance
With cloak and having a 2x move again, it has a potential to dish out huge damage, it remains cunning unlike its unique counterpart, but cloak really pushes its output to another level

Small health buff, damage buff, critical impact>distracting impact. Gained swap in distraction and gained speed immunity, vulnerable resistance.
I kept the swoop and added the swap in distraction, to spice it up and make it fun and useful in the current swapping meta