Legendary taking over


me and my woman get crushed by legendary dinosaurs in lockdown .I think more arenas for the top performers would help so the silver arenas dont get full of legendary. not fun at all. newbe players will never get past those …


I felt this same way even as a semi-established player who started at launch… trust me man, I’m just as glad about Lockwood Estate and the Aviary as you are. I’m sure Ludia will keep them coming as time goes on and more people start joining.


Tell me about it! The past 10 matches I’ve met 7 with at least 1 legendary. They’re making it so hard now to even stay in lock down.


More arenas won’t change anything. I have some high level dinos and haven’t made it past arena 9 yet. Not even close to the next one. People have just been working on dinos for a while and more people have the required DNA to make them now, so better dinos are going to start appearing in the lower arenas. I’ve never actually made a unique dino but after months of hunting, I’m very close to getting 4 of them now, nearly all at once. That’s probably what’s happening with legendary dinos in the lower arenas.


That happened to me. I had none, then within three days I finished off creating five legendaries. I shot through so many matches after that and through an entire arena in no time.


I can’t get to arena 9 for the life of me. Too many people with overleveled dinosaurs.


Yeah, ever since the update, people have been going crazy overlevelling their commons and ignoring hybrids. For the most part. Today, I whupped a level 16 Irex with Utahraptor when he tried to cloak. I got lucky with RNG when i used strike, then pounce, as he had only just swapped in and used up his instant.

First time I ever beat a legendary with an underlevelled common…


I’m only in arena 6 at the moment, and rarely see legendaries. A Stegod, or a Tragod, but never Irex.


Stegodeus is the bane of upper arenas because its always way overleveled. Sometimes even level 29-30. My 18 Rajakylo does pretty darn good against them in cases where I can predict the armor piercing against invincibility.


Yeah, I’m still fusing 10s on my stegod. It’s gonna be awhile yet.


This was my reaction when I dropped the Irex:



Seeing legendaries in Lockdown isn’t out of the ordinary. Uniques then yea something is off.


Hey maybe I should come down there Lol


I don’t see very many legendaries, though. I guess the matchmaking system’s been kind to me?


Drop down if you want. Plenty of room. Plenty of commons and lower types of hybrid.


Seeing more people using pteranodon and Alanqa, as well. They’re brand-new and people are just getting used to SIA.


So the lower you drop, the more people swap. LOL


Those people must not like their trophies if they’re using those lol.


Tournament’s over, so i don’t think they’re too worried about their precious trophies.


They’re not high enough to lose them from a reset though.