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Legendary Tier List

A while back I made a nonhybrid tier list and then was asked to make a legendary tier list
Here it is:

This isn’t ordered. This takes into account the whole meta as well as the other legendaries themselves.
Best: Phorasaura
Worst: Darwez or dsungia
Not pictured: Rajakylo, Baja, Paramoloch, Dilorano (These are raid-specific creatures)
(The blue guy in C is edaphocevia)


Seems ironic to me that almost none of the top tiers are supers

Well, 28 of the 38 legendaries are just regular hybrids, so odds are there will be more legendary top tiers that aren’t superhybrids. However, I will say it’s pretty bad when 50% of the superhybrids are in the bottom 2 tiers

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I would put indom into a tier, and indo gen2 in b tier, even though it got nerfed it isn’t bad.

Monomimus should be higher, it’s actuslly really good now. It’s better then procera, dare I say. It should be C or B. Stop using its 1.14 self against modern mono.

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I know about modern mono, but it, along with indo gen 2 @CADEN_EPIC struggle because of resilience. Monomimus is much better, but many times it fails to even get to it’s rampage while Indo gen 2 has very little damage output without a risky MF which could easily backfire. They are probably at the top of their tiers, but the resilience meta just ruins them

Between the best legendary in the meta:he is true,those 3 S are the only ones you will encounter ,maybe he forgot DC.

Yup,he is better than procera,but both are unable to land a rampage because of resilience everywhere.

I would lift Dracoceratops to A. Because of it’s high hitpoints and damage, as well as it’s ability to cleanse and run away, it is rather difficult for people to deal with, since most of the glass cannons that would normally kill it have been nerfed.
I would lift Allosinosaurus to A if not S, considering the current environment. It has more health, speed, hitpoints, and damage than Thor… It also has armor. The only thing it does not have is 40 critical(it has 20) and thor has a resist to swap prevention and vulnerable.
I would drop tryostronix from A to B
I would drop Monosteg from A to B. The nerf was harsh. I would drop Mammotherium from A to B as well.
Indominus Rex has A potential as well.

Alloraptor shouldve been S if it’s for tournament as everything is equally leveled, but normally it’s hard for it to finish maxima (because of level and boost difference) so I agree it should get an A
I dont agree tyrannolophosaur and tryo gets an A, they just arent good, and allosino, draco and indom definitely deserves a lift to A. Indo g2 is wack, but it isnt that wack, it still deserves a B or C as it is still a pain sometimes when you’re using a pure chomper. Monomimus also deserves a lift to B, it is weak against resilient, but against everything else (not that many but) it’s pretty good

Mammotherium is a solid A. 1500 attack and PFS is a world of hurt.
Tryo is A, but a weak A and I can see it drop, but refresh helps with speedsters and it can chomp away at tanks.
Monostego was hurt, but it has the best swap in in the game, and remains a solid A
I can see draco moving, but it was the only creature really hurt by the rend nerf, so B is good.
Allosino is probably the best in B. I can totally see it in A. I wanted to distinguish it with tyrannolopho, so I put it in B. However, it’s nowhere near S material.
Indom is slow and usually can only take out 1 creature before falling, so I said B

Indo and mono are destroyed by resilience, but can be C material.
Alloraptor is destroyed by swapping before it can use RT.
Allosino is worse than tyrannolopho because tyrannolopho is faster with more output. I could see tryo falling, but with RTC+rampage killing many tanks while refresh helps with speedsters, I feel it’s A, but a weak A

Doesn’t mean that their trash, IndoG2 has cautious Strike, so if you’ve got no resilience, your in trouble. I’d raise mono to C and IndoG2 to B.

Entelomoth should also be C tier, it’s not garbage… your being too harsh I’m sorry but this list sucks. Your being ridiculously harsh and it’s so stupid. Tragodistis is not D tier either, it’s C.

And oh my goodness Dilophoboa is not better then trago, IndoG2, mono or entelomoth.

Its RTC + Rampage doesnt actually kill any high health units, probably barely kills some mid health units, it can kill the smaller ones (at same level), but they have distracting moves so it still isnt that useful
For tryo to be truly viable it needs a level advantage + damage buff to actually kill tanks

The only things it’s killing anytime soon is alloraptor. Indo just lacks output. A majority of these creatures have shields and resilience. Indo loses to that. It’s in between

Why is entmoth so low

Tryko, tarkus, dio, mortem, and mammolania. It’s the weakest in A

Boa is good now
As a cunning it’s pretty good with those gained resistances AND improved stats, it was supposed to be one of the top legendaries except cunnings are weak now

Really low damage and hp, and an awkward speed tier. It can’t do much anymore