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"Legendary" Tournament Incoming!



if its a legendary tournament, i got a couple ideas of what will be on my team.
if its epic… not so much. I’ll have to think about it.
judging by the prizes, looks like an equal level one. (could be wrong. haven’t paid too much attention to the top prizes in a while)

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If it’s “Skill”, it’s equal level.

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Would be interesting to have a full legendary lvl 26 team now that Draco isn’t going to 1 shot every speedster out of the blue. But epic non-hybrid lvl 26 would be cool too.

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I hope it’s equal level I want the 1 million coins !

If you can build a Legendary team with no hybrids, you deserve one million coins!

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @Arnold! We’ve brought this up with our team.

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They just updated the graphic in game.

So “non-hybrid” legendaries means a tournament with no dinos, correct?


whoops. Someone should probably have a couple of proofreaders.

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I’d volunteer for proofreading. LOL.


Just when you think Ludia can’t get any more incompetent, they go and do something like this and take it to the next level.

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Lol, I hope what’s wrong now is the “non-hybrid” part and not the “legendary” part. Legendary tournament would be more fun

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It’s good to know that the team are back at work now.

Good job guys!



:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:
I laughed too much at this.

Drat. Looks like I am out of this tournament. Went through my creature storage and don’t have any non-Hybrid legendary to enter with.


by the way about uncompetence:
On fb ,they told we have ardentismaxima sunday and on the game,no news??

It’s been fixed again. non-hybrid was taken out.
It is a legendary skill tournament.

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The way Ludia works, the coins and cash were probably errors too.

100,000 & 2,000.

I have 7 out of my 8 dinos picked for this. I’d rather not use indo g2 if i can help it. Would rather use some other dinos i don’t get to normally use.
What i’m thinking so far. Don’t know what else to use. Maybe diplovenator.