Legendary Tournaments seriously need some change

I swear I was doing my best not to use many flocks… Started with just 2, then went to 3… 4… now I’m using FIVE and doing better!.. And for what I’m facing out there, I could bet anything that most people on top 250 are using at least 4… So basically, Thyla, Anky, Fuku and a bunch of flocks. That’s it! That’s a good team for anyone…

Which brings us to Fuku… For the love of Stegod, make some changes in this creature. I know it’s not nearly as strong in the arena, but for this kind of tournament, oh man… it sucks the fun out of it even more than flocks! There are many ways to do it without ruining Fuku. Any idea is welcome…

So please, stop with this “flock of flocks” and the Fuku vs Fuku nonsense… I’ve had 5 timeout matches and counting… If Rexy was allowed it could partially solve the Fuku problem, but it creates a whole new set of problems that we’re also familiar with… Legendary tournaments need some rebalancing.


Worst tourney format by far. There’s just so much dumb stuff going around. Why does thylaconyx deal 4651 damage with a rampage, and have a devouring bleeding impact? Why does ankymoloch get invincibility for 2 turns and 4 attacks? Why does fukui get to swap in on 80% of the dinos in this tourney and win on 3k+ hp? Why are there so many flocks?

Legendaries is definitely the most flock warped meta, everything meta is either a flock, or has a way to deal with flocks. Thynyx has group rampage, fukui has group rampage, ankym has vulnerbility + group impact + that damned invincibility, rexy has roar, and everything else is a flock. Such a boring metagame


Thyla is also super OP but most of us forgive it, cause it’s good against most flocks and the SIA is one of the few things that can save you against Fuku if you don’t have your own Fuku or Anky selected


Yeah, Thynyx is broken but it’s keeping all the other broken things in check lol. It was the best answer to a setup rexy in coin tourney too. It also tends to get chipped down fast, unlike youknowwho


This was one of the lowest scoring tournaments I’ve seen in a while - mainly due to how crazy the format is.

My brain hurt after hours of rng, guessing games, and endless healing fukui matches that went on forever… I thought Testa was bad before the nerf, but Fukui battles take the cake!

Matches also didn’t time out in draws this time, and I am pretty sure I had a few that were over 15 minutes if not 20 minutes long.

The crazy thing is with teryx, mega, ankydact, rexy, and Fukui (cuz fukui can beat it easily), Thylac looks balanced :rofl:.

I hate the broken creatures, speed ties, and ridiculous rng. I’ve faced only rng against me, never in my favor. I crit when I don’t need it, and my megistocurus got stunned 2 times in a row. It seriously needs reballancing, starting with buffing old useless legendaries and nerfing flocks and other broken creatures.

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Yeah… The worst thing was that most battles took 15 freaking minutes even without Fukui, because of all the flocks, dodges, healing… And if you had Fuku vs Fuku with none of the sides having Thyla to swap in, it was a certain timeout if both refused to give in…

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I love the “advantage” mistake at the beginning in the last tourney. After taking the advantage of the “advantage,” the fun stopped there when I started to face Fukui in skilled. I stopped playing after several skilled matches, especially after Fukui vs. Fukui. It’s not that the tourney was not fun, but it was extremely annoying. I was mad when facing the never-die creature, so just stopped playing.