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Legendary Tourney best yet

So many good, fun creatures to use this tourney thus far, it’s been extremely fun and very challenging. Seems to me that the terror bird is what everyone is trying to counter.

And…don’t forget about Raps-Celtics game 7 tonight! Talk about a fun, challenging series. Raps continue their title defense tonight!

If it wasn’t for speed ties and connection errors, I’d be pretty happy with this one.

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This tournament is like any other tournament that you can use legendary’s in, where 90% of the players use dracoceratops, it is pretty fun.

i’m actually having some fun with this one. i havent really changed my team much, but it is fun.

It’s the most balanced tourney we’ve had in a long time, sure Rat and Phorus are annoying, but it’s really all down to Player Skill, and maybe 10% RNG

A perfect description of this tournament.


Don’t forget speed ties. You can outplay your opponent at every turn only to lose because your Monolometrodon went second or your Monostegotops swapped in second.
And then there’s connection issues.

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Eh, I’m getting fed up of DC and Monostego’s swap in damage. It’s worse when someone has both in their team. Mono heals, DC uses CI to just get rid of the lockdown, then the player swaps between the pair for practically the entire match. Better hope you have a No Escape dino on hand…

I yearn for the day when there’s a tournament that changes things up and doesn’t allow swap in damage.

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I’ve been constantly changing teams to see what works, even Tryo since it can one-shot that annoying Mammoth Rhino, and Indo Gen 2 at one point. I’m not doing that well but it’s fun… unless your opponent abuses a Mono.


True, but you can build your strategy around them if you have the right team

is mammotherium good? i’m going to be updating my line up a bit. i have too many speedsters.

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Mammotherium is great if you want a bore fest against another one.

Solid starter, just pray your opponent doesn’t throw his too, tarkus is also really solid

How have people been finding Alloraptor?

By sheer fluke, so far every time I’ve opened with her my opponent has opened with Ardonto and swapped to either DC or Monostego after the first hit. I literally have yet to have Ardonto open on any other dino, so I’m not sure if she’s just underperforming or it’s just rotten luck.

Draco isn’t that big of a threat. Specially compared to monolometrodon and ardont

Alloraptor: Exists
Phorusaura: It’s free real estate


I usually save my ardont for phorasaura

It isn’t always possible. Especially when the opponent knows that their only chance of winning is via speed tie, which is often the case.