Legendary/unique DNA

Since we have epic DNA request on Sundays would most agree on maybe a legendary Sunday request on Saturdays? And unique Friday’s


I would like this
Make the limit for level 20 60 Legendary and 30 Unique


Yeah because building legends is my opinion a lil harder

Absolutely not. It’s bad enough people already request Epic. Put in the work to get Unique DNA. Most uniques can be unlocked within a few months with some effort.

even if it was implemented, which i don’t think it should be, realistically, how much dna do you think Ludia would allow us to get from the request? it wouldn’t be anywhere close to a useful amount, especially for those under lv 20 since the dna received in a request is based off player level. you may get 50 if you’re lucky and thats only if you’re requesting dna people already have an abundance of like indoraptor.


In my opinion no bc in a few weeks uniques could be unlocked easily and really just grind for them… like me

I didnt even unlock a legendary and im on uniqe test

Im halfway to unlocking tyrannolophosaur but it hard man. it hard.

I guess they should let people request from even the dinosaurs they havent summoned yet

Maybe am asking too much? But it be so cool