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Legendary unlocks

I totally lucked out then. For a while I had about only 50% chance at winning aquatic pvp, then I got mad and started working on my line up about 3 weeks ago and was really surprised to have kaiwekhea (sorry about the spelling) and kronosaurus unlocked. I haven’t lost a battle with lvl 40 krono since and won a couple of hundred dbs and a lot of lps with him. Even at a disadvantage he rules. I play with him about twice a day.

My L30 kronosaurus cries. Wants to grow up someday…

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Krono can never stay as a baby forever you know that right.

I need an unlock to provide it the friends it needs to grow up! :wink:


10/21/19 according to my records

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Ive been wanting a sarco unlock for so long. It was my favorite legendary when i had my old account.


Sucho and Dime are very elusive…for about six months I have completed every golden reward pack and nada. I scored a few sucho’s in PVP matches but I’m still two away. In the meantime I have probably landed 30+ Pteranodons and Scaphogantus’. Should maybe offer something different in those battle packs, as it’s getting old fast…even if you had a 1percent chance of landing something interesting… it’s just getting stale…I can only imagine how it feels for players who have been doing it for years.


For some reason, I keep on getting Unaysaurus and Shunosaurus for gold reward packs and rarity rumble wheels. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I haven’t got a T-Rex in like 1-2 months. I thought the old Rex was common.

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Its strange as it seems everyone’s game is different as far as prize frequency.

My game has been super stingy on Sarcosuchus and Ostafrika for several months now and similar on my daughters game. My game has been pretty rare to get a Suchomimus but her game was raining them about a month ago, enough she was able to make a lvl 40 from having maybe 1 or 2. to start.

Her game recently has been lots of T-rex and Unay, probably enough for her to make a second lvl 40 of each at this point.

Both our games are missing some Aquatic unlocks, notably, Krono, Rhizodus and Dunkleosteus. Dunkleosteus is one of my daughters favorite prehistoric creatures and she has been wanting one on her game for a long time with no luck. Just today though, she got an offer for one in the trade harbor, it wasn’t the best trade in the world but the heart wants what the heart wants. We will speed it up in the hatchery probably tomorrow… if she can wait that long.

You do what you need to do to get the first one


My game loves T-Rex, I almost have 20+ T-Rexes just from Golden Rewards. I got 7 Dimetrodons in total (I think one or two from trades), 2 Sarcosuchus and 6 Prionosuchus (probably one was from a trade). I have Shuno unlocked but I got 9+ from Golden Rewards itself. Also I got 6 Suchomimus from Golden Rewards, so I’m pretty close to a few maxed locked Legendaries. Not to mention the 11 Scaphognathuses (A while back I made the level 40 so I have 3 more in Market).

Thanks for checking! It really was some time ago then, my bad! I had no idea I had the aquatic bench for the event back then or the park lvl.

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I usuaully get a variety of each. I used to get tons of Unays and now I’m getting Pteranodon just about every pack.

seriosly, suchomimus is in the daily pack most of the time

That does not mean it’s all over the place,the reward shifts, I remember it had Rex a while back. They keep shifting,but it’s not everyday. I assumed JWA as it is a global spawn and a common.

Wow, thank you! You are a genius! Your magic did work. :smiley:
Now let’s just make it happen!

Now me please.



they also have the microposaur and ostafrikasaur and sarco


They are watching… always watching


We had a Lythronax unlock not too long ago I’m pretty sure because i have it unlocked so can’t say i feel optimistic about that one.