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Legendary weapons (wizard, warlock)

I’ve now faced two wizards and one warlock, they were both L10, my entire comp was max health at L11. They both have an AOE that 1 hit kills my entire group… how is that balanced?

I get it, if you pay the 2500 gems for the 2-4-1 legendaries this week, good on you, but one hitting an entire party higher level than you at max health… omg… just a little butt hurt. F2P is so screwed now… sigh.

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Ouch, They Probably Didn’t Plan That One Out Like They Should Have!!!
Shame On You Ludia!!!:joy:
Ya Guy’s Got To Step Up Your Game NOW!!!
Customers Getting Funny Feeling And Such

Better Turn Those Hearing Aid’s Up Ludia!??!!:thinking: