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Legendary with 5 attempts?


ummm? Where are my t-rex’s and sino’s? This isn’t supposed to be here right? Lol anybody else? And 5 attempts instead of one?


t-rex and sino is over (it was the epic) now we have 5 legendary dinos to catch in 24 hours


I hope he’s being sarcastic


The epics were only Friday and Saturday, to fit in one day of legendaries today.


Hello all, this is my first post and first day joining the forum. I love this game and play it non-stop.
A little Bummed about the tight window for the Epic and legendaries. My fault though, I tried to wait until I had opportunities to be as close as possible to maximize how much DNA I could collect and missed out on getting more DNA.
I also did not know about the legendary event or I would have focused on one specific Dino and not what popped up first.
Regardless, I like the events and ability to get these dinos easier than collected many and fusing.

Any strategies or thoughts are welcome.



Welcome to the Forum!

As for the legendaries, I don’t think you can go wrong with either choice. If you don’t have any legendaries yet (I don’t know how long you have played) you would do best going after Indominus, who is easier to level due to DNA availability… especially with T Rex being our daily mission reward. Plus, it leads to the first unique dino most of us have had, Indoraptor.

GL! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much DeLana. I have been playing for about 2-3 months. I’ll have 4 legendaries and working hard to get more. I just recently got in indoRex (Love Him) and now working on IndoRaptor. This may take a week or two as I need to get my raptor to level 20 and I am currently at 18.

Thank you for your strategy!

Looking forward to more discussion s


To be fair, the Legendaries weren’t on the forecast on the News screen so I think you can be cut a little bit of slack :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, yeah. Indominus is really good thanks to immunity and Cloak, so I heavily suggest going after her first. Once you get her, strike towers will become a lot easier too.

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Unless cloak fails and you waste a dino. Id honestly recommend utahsino. Easiest to dart imo.

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Thanks all, still figuring out strategies…Strengths and weaknesses. I haven’t won a tower battle yet or come close. Still trying to get to 3000 in the battle boards I keep getting close but then go on losing streaks. I think I need a few more legendaries.


Use twitter to get the full reveal of towers and events every week! I got just over 600 allosino and went to go power my Thor to lvl 24 and realised I had used 10 fuses worth last week and was low on tarbo back to night grinding for me! But stoked as have at least a lvl worth of DNA and skipped the sino allo fuse part for 600 DNA worth! that’s at least 30 legendary fuses without the extreme pain of a string of tens(at least 1500 sino DNA worth so at least 2 sino events!!!) . Great work with Valentine’s week ludia! I was so happy I might have a little surprise in 9 months ROFL


If cloak fails, just surrender.

You’d lose anyways lmao


I dropped indom off my team and its worked out well for me… no worrying about cloak failing.


I hate twitter so a little pissed off that things like this aren’t in the game at all :rage::rage:


There’s always a Thread on this Forum aswell. (If you like Facebook at least more than Twitter, they post it there too)


Don’t need to worry about it failing against the oponent i always get the dodge masters and if that wasn’t enough they crack out either indo the new epic or monomimus for good measure