Is there a legendary in the weekly event or just I’m the incubator??


There’s never a legendary in the weekly events.


There has been several times, but this week no there isn’t.


There used to be Utasinoraptor, 1 attempt allowed


Hmm maybe before my time then, I don’t recall it ever being advertised.


Yeah there was utahsinoraptor, something else and indoraptor too.


Oh my mistake, thinking of the wrong thing. I’m thinking of the weekly event as in dinos at green drops not the strike towers. I wish people would call things as they are.


Yeah no that’s what I’m talking about too, there was a utahsinoraptor one and indoraptor but I’m talking about June/ July time… that’s why my indoraptor has a random 9 dna.



Oh ok not my mistake then haha! Well it was definitely before my time then as I started in July some time.

I hope you don’t have OCD with that random 9 Heather! :smile:


Makes me feel sick cause you know I’m gonna end up at 249 at some point.


Well I replied but it was blocked sorry :sweat_smile:


Yeah I saw the first few words, I think I got the gist of it! :laughing:


Oh cause I saw it advertised for the showcase incubator which usually contains the green drop event dinos. I was hopeful for a second. Haha


Always take these guys advertising with a pinch of salt.


Pyro potater was also in a weekly event


They made it look like there was a legendary on offer in the event…


I was at 243 at one point lol.


Pyrritator was in an event as well. Somehow bagged 60 dna off the one attempt for a nice head start


Yeah I couldn’t remember the third one :joy: