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Legends had Enough — A new alliance where 50 players battle without boosts! Stop fight in the arena, start battle your friends — Enjoy tactics and passion!

Dear players and Forum,

  • Are you tired to battling against overboosted dinosaurs?
  • Do you remember the era before boosts was a thing?
  • Do you enjoy to play in a tactical way, switch your team and find awesome combinations of ALL avaliable dinousaurs in your dinodex?
  • Do you enjoy other players tactical skills?
  • Do you want to use the maximum potential of your coins in the easiest way (don’t level up your dinos that could be nerfed)

Welcome to a new club in the world of JWA !

Name: Legends had enough

The focus of this new club will be two things:

  1. Every member should have every avaliable dino in the game.
  2. Every member should focus to battle agains every member in the club.

Because this is a new club it could be hard to find members and active ones. Please have this in mind.

Please spread the word so more and more players could take care of this new concept!

/ Moksha.


Is this a alliance style of club or a discord?

This is a concept in my mind.

It could be a new club and alliance.

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Very interesting idea, I also wish we could go back to a time before boosts. As good of an idea as this sounds, I am already in a good alliance that I don’t plan on leaving, but I do hope you are successful in your endeavors.

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I wish I can participate bit I don’t have all dinodex. I only have 2 uniques :frowning:

Oh! Maby I was not that clear in my text. You don’t need to have! You will slowly unlock your dinodex.

The problem is not to get the first level or the first dino, the problem is to take a level 21 dino to level 30!

Even if its a baby dinosaur you could enjoy it and play with it against your friends :slight_smile:

Also, When you ask for a donation, You will unlock dinos very fast!
Many players have tons of DNA and could probably give away a lot aswell. If the need is just the first stage of the dino, the rest of the DNA is no need to have.

I will give you all DNA I could. :two_hearts:


I really enjoy the friendly battles. Let’s me try new creatures and strategies. Also let’s me see how dinos would do against each other, without the game breaking boost imbalance. When I posted about it before people said ‘why bother?’ Anyway, if anything like this ever gets going you could count me in!

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I’m in. What do I need to do?.?


I’d Love to join Moksha tell me when you get it up and running so glad someone thought of this


Thanks everyone for your inspiration!

The alliance is up and running!

I can’t gurantee the quality for the club at the movement.

But everyone who share this typ of playing are now Welcome!

Name: Legends had enough


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We could need some more active players in the alliance…

Please write a post if you are interested.

Welcome :slight_smile: