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LEGION OF CHAOS has a few open spots!

Looking for a more competitive alliance to help you grow as a player and achieve higher rewards? Look no more because LEGION OF CHAOS has a few spots open for qualifying players! We are an ARK alliance with 3 Level 20 sanctuaries. We reach 10 in exploration and 8+ defense in alliance missions and tier 8+ in tournaments. We are looking for daily active players who love to battle and raid to help take our team to the top! We have a super fun, friendly but competitive team. We offer a very organized discord with daily free cash links and raid planning/strategies.

Our Requirements:
• Level 18+ only
• 4000+ Trophy Score
• Active daily on JWA
• Complete Daily Battle Incubators
• Minimum 10 tournament takedowns a week
• Follow sanctuary rules
• Must join our discord
• Must read and write English fluently

We are primarily a North American alliance but we have many international players so there are usually players on 24/7! If you meet the requirements above and want to apply, visit our discord recruitment server. Link on graphic

Hii I’m a lvl 19 player having 4000+ trophies…do u help with lower strat as well.

Hi there! Do you mean raid strats? If so, yes we do!

Ok thankuuu

We have 2 spots open for daily active players that meet out requirements!