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LEGION OF CHAOS is recruiting!

LEGION OF CHAOS is a highly active, friendly but competitive ARK alliance. We are primarily a North American alliance but we do accept English speaking international players. We offer 2-3 level 20 sanctuaries, 8-9 Alliance Missions, 6+ in tournaments and organized discord chat with daily free cash links, raid planning/strategies and more! We are currently going through a transition of removing discord resistant members which will be opening up multiple spots!

Our Requirements:
• Tournament eligible players
• Active daily
• Minimum 10 tournament takedowns weekly
• Complete Daily Battle Incubators
• No dino placements in our level 20 sancs
• Must join discord
• English speaking only

Qualifying players please DM PattyKakes13_9871 on discord. We do not accept blind requests on JWA.

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Can I join your alliance, I play everyday

Hi Alpha1! Please visit our discord for new recruits and follow the steps in the pinned post on the welcome page.

What’s ur trophies and tournament scores you might be able to join my alliance we are looking for one player and score 500/400k alliance championship (which is I think 8 and 9) incubators and get 9/10 on weekly

My trophies high score is 3822 and my tournament score is 6605, I have Indominus Rex level 22 very close to 23. My campaign number is 72. I was looking to change alliances to English speaking members.

Thank you

Please don’t try and poach players from other alliance’s posts. You are free to post your own post if you are looking. Thanks. :wink:

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Looking for a more competitive alliance to help you grow as a player and achieve higher rewards? Look no more because LEGION OF CHAOS has a few spots open for qualifying players! We are an ARK alliance with 3 Level 20 sanctuaries. We reach 10 in exploration and 8 defense in alliance missions and tier 7-8 in tournaments. We are looking for daily active players who love to battle and raid to help take our team to the top! We have a super fun, friendly but competitive team. We offer a very organized discord with daily free cash links and raid planning/strategies.

Our Requirements:
• Level 14+ only
• Active daily on JWA
• Complete Daily Battle Incubators
• Minimum 10 tournament takedowns a week
• Follow sanctuary rules
• Must join our discord
• Must read and write English fluently

We are primarily a North American alliance but we have many international players so there are usually players on 24/7! If you meet the requirements above and want to apply, visit our discord recruitment server.

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