Legit battle strategy?

Is it a legit battle strategy to fake like you’re not there (letting the time run out on dino selection and moves)? Lame or legit??

You got to do what you got to do sometimes. When it’s a lvl 26 stegod vs 26 stegod, I just don’t touch any buttons for that first move to get the superiority strike in last. Feel bad sometimes though, but that’s just the way the game goes.


So do you do this multiple times in a row?

I have encountered some players doing this during the last tournament.

I never fall for it as I will always take it that my opponent is still present or perhaps he/she got disconnected and is frantically trying to resume the battle on their end (ever happened to me, resumed at 1 vs 2 and came back to win it… that feeling was amazing!) :sunglasses:

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Uh no just the first round, usually they would use SS or shield. Just take note of the countdown, hit stego with armor piercing rampage w/o shield, and by the next move i’m spamming the button as fast as I can to finish up the match.

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Same…I play on my Pixel XL and this last update has me restarting over and over

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I like where head is at on gaining the advantage on the next strike. But, faking like you aren’t there consistently just seems to me like a d!ck move. You are wasting your opponents time. I would rather lose quickly than spend twice as long for a win over a disconnected opponent, much less someone who is purposely wasting my time hoping to gain an advantage somehow. Just my thoughts, you don’t have to like them.



No I completely agree, I already get annoyed by having to face multiple tanks lol. Don’t face too many same level stegodeus though. Usually lvl 28 or higher, but on occasion I would have to have face the same level and that’s what I gotta do haha. If anything it’s only 30 seconds at most :grimacing:

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I 100% agree!

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I think my post was poorly written. I totally agreed with your strategy. I forgot to address the rest of my post was aimed towards the original topic. Nothing but respect for you.


I agree…the first move is legit but continued faking is lame (I wouldn’t even call the first move thing faking)


Rage swapping is another lame move. I fought a lot of battles this afternoon before clocking in for work, and almost every opponent would rage swap every time i knocked their precious hybrids down to less than half hp, or killed their raptor or epic mono.

Seriously, if you haven’t been able to take a single dino from me, why don’t you actually try to win, rather than weaken your entire team?


One person wasted the hp of 3 of his dinos on my Ankylocodon, trying to kill it. I would hit, get a crit - swap. The next dino comes in, giving me 2 hits on him. I take hp from that dino - swap. The next one was his suchotator. LOL nothing he could do was really fazing my Anky. 3 moves later, and the suchotator fell.

It was one of those moments where you’re laughing at the stupid tactics being used, but annoyed at the same time because this person just made a battle drag out into overtime because he got tired of me not being affected by stun, slow, or DoT.


That is too funny. But I can see how the poor fellow on the other side felt. “Damn, what do I have to do to take this thing out?” Lmao. I am guessing they realized they had no chance and were praying for a crit from 8lb 6 oz baby Jesus?

Part of me is looking at Anky like “you just took down an IRex 2 levels higher than you by yourself - you’re not supposed to be able to do that!” (Different battle, BTW)

While the other part of me is the proud papa, looking down and saying, “That’ll do, roach. That’ll do.”


That’s what happens when you totally ignore immunity dinos. You need them to counter status effects. This guy never got the memo, it seems.


this is going to be dreadful when they actually change SS to only cleanse distracting. if both players do this, they will each still be the same speed since it won’t cleanse the decreased speed anymore. literally the whole fight could be like that until they are in range for APR to kill them and then it’s whoever hits that first.

Um… wrong thread, CB…

This is why my anklycodon is lvl 20 and im seriously considering leveling it higher… it has so many favorable battles and if a team cant take it out efficiently can easily do 2 for ones…

I just still can’t get over how long mine hung in there. I ended up killing that Irex with the short shield damage. LOL.

One swift “Bunt!” As the shields smacked him, and it was over. :joy::joy::joy: