Legit... No chance


Are these ‘top’ players the ones that will get rewarded for this tournement?? There’s no way these are legit


Exactly my thoughts @NotSoInstinct


@Ned any insight on this?


They’re just rich that’s all, some people just dump alot of money onto this game to be “number 1”.


Hmmm… No

I wont outright say theyre all cheaters but spending won’t get you to where they are. If you get say, Trex DNA, in 1 out of every 4 epic incubators at gice or take 15 per and you needed 500,000 Trex DNA to make 3 Hybrids and level them to 30… Nobody has dumped half a mil into a mobile game and I was generous with those ratios. Id love it if someone did the math to get just 1 unique to lvl 30


They are an admitted spoofer. Loads are on the leaderboard. Not everyone though. But in this case, definitely.


The math to get a uniqe to level 30 would be very innacurate because of the rng when fusing. The amount of Dna needed would vary greatly because of the different fusions they got.


Yeah that’s insane!! Agree totally even for a cheater that’s a lot of coin to be spent on upgrading let alone the DNA that’s crazy I don’t even have all those Dino’s yet and I started in the beta level 16!