Legit Test of Might suggestion

I have a suggestion that is a win/win for Ludia and Players. As we all know the majority of players do not like test of might. Players repeatedly get pitted against players that out gear, out level, and out league them. As a player it is ZERO fun to start a match and know that there is almost no way to win. On the flip side of that Ludia has to get people to spend gems to reduce how much is in circulation and to promote people spending money on gems. I think its fair to say the majority of players like a good fight, I know I do. So here is my suggestion.

First and foremost make all pvp matches actual even matches, use the normal pvp algorithm based off arena scores instead of the algorith you use for tom which is your max achieved score + 10 to 30% it seems giving the crazy unbalanced matches. Here is the difference though in making people spend gems

Make Test of Might in 3 stages like it currently is.

First stage: free unlimited attempts just like it is now
Second stage: 200 gems to start and unlimited attempts
Third stage: 300 gems to start and unlimited attempts.

Problem solved and most player related “complaining” edit
ended. Players get to have normal pvp matches, ludia gets to have their gems and way more people will participate in the event because it will actually be more enjoyable. The above gem entry is just a thought, ludia could make it higher or lower on what they need to stay profitable but i think it would be fair considering you get a legendary, chests, and gold and cards along the way.


Interesting suggestion, but Wow, I am concerned with what players are investing in these events. The suggested 500 gems seems onerous, especially when one considers the horrendous amount of time these events require. If I am going to spend hundreds of dollars worth of time, the event should be free.

In the other active ToM forum, I suggested avoiding these shams. A similar allocation of time can be better spent harvesting Challenges. This will provide superior rewards for free. In particular, this sentiment applies to the initial PvP event after league resets. The rigged match-making algorithm will always attempt to match players against opponents whose current trophy count is close to the player’s highest trophy count from last season. This would match me against players/bots approximately 700 trophies above me. Wasting my time on this event would be pure insanity.

I suggested 500 as when I see most people say what they spent to complete it’s usually between 200-500. Also while grinding lightfinger or heartcoil is more productive as far as epic, rate, common, gold, and gems go, you still don’t get legends items from it. Most people who can easily farm those things are more worried about getting certain legendary items to rank 3 or 4.

Also when you think in the terms of time invested for a legendary, there are 2/1 packs which means 1250 gems each and 2k for stuff that pops up in the shop. Without a gem event I could more than likely win 50 regular PvP matches against people the same lvl as me in less time than it would take farming gems in Lightfinger to buy a 2k store item or 2/1 pack. That’s a guess anyway haven’t timed it and done the math.

All that said I am with you. Until they make some kind of change I think we should be boycotting ToM events. Money talks and if no one is playing it to spend gems they will be forced to act.

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Interesting perspective. Perhaps I may clarify my perspective on this topic. I understand some players prefer to compete in PvP events.

While I admit my perspective may be tainted by my disdain for these rigged events, my stance is founded on a sound analytical approach, which shows how farming challenges will produce significantly more items (even legendary), gold and gems than PvP events.

  • VIP Events - Assuming one can win 66% of matches; at an average of 5 minutes/battle, it will take 300 minutes (5 hours) to complete the event. The rewards for 5 hours of PvP Event playing is limited to a handful of items, less than 10k gold and 1 Legendary Item.

  • Farming Challenges - With VIP active, I can farm an average of almost 1000 gems/hour. Over 5 hours this can add up to 5000 gems. Thus, the reward for 5 hours of Farming can be as much as 4 Legendary Items (Two 2-for-1 Legendary packs), more gold and a multitude of assorted items.

Thus, farming challenges can provide a VIP player with a 400% increase in Legendary Items. Doing so is also avoids the frustrations inherent in PvP matchmaking, and farming challenges costs no gems.

Additionally, during the early stages of this current event, many players had Spellbooks active, which made farming challenges even more favorable. (Spellbooks tripled the gold earned in Challenges)

These are the significant reasons why I avoid competing in PvP events and why I recommend experienced and intermediate players may benefit from choosing to farm challenges.


I myself had spellbook active so didnt bother with it, however i cant farm near as much gems per hour as you can. I think the average player cant farm near as much as I can. You also have to take into account that 2/1 specials only happen one day a week and for like 4-5 characters and only 1 purchase. So a person who plays a lot can earn more legendary per week than someone who is not doing the event. Also pvp matches do not take 5 minutes per. I fluctuate around 3500 score and if i play during peak times i usually dont have to wait but a few seconds for a match and most matches only last a few rounds. I think saying the average match to finish takes 5 minutes is way to long. I get your perspective though. I enjoy pvp even if it is unbalanced but if the unbalancing is in team dynamics thats one thing, the unbalncing by putting you against people way above you is another. I NEVER get pitted against people who are 2800 in tom even though i am 3500, i always get people 3800-4200+…it makes you wonder, as it seems like every person doing ToM is always against someone higher, so who the hell is getting all the matches against people they can steamroll, seems only the people at the very top get and free wins and the rest of us get poopy pants on, although it seems like the game is imitating life, the system is rigged for those in the 1% :slight_smile:

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What about getting a reward after every victory? Limit free tries to 3, and make every rung 7 so people do not burnout.

A lot of the matches are against people in battle mode. During ToM and Silverhand events, i frequently see players with 500 fewer trophies and a couple levels lower during battles. Depending on what I am doing, i may let them win to help them in the event. No real loss for me, but I have been on the other end of the lopsided battles in events.


The players need to band together and make this a standard procedure until Ludia changes these events. If you are doing normal pvp and getting matches of people well below you doing ToM we should always throw the match to let the lower level guy win. It is pretty easy to regain the points to get back to where you were and honestly if you already have the chest for your normal bracket just throw the match. Its not hard to regain points to get back to where you were. What sucks is that top end people use the easy wins to their advantage as ludia still gives them 50 points for the first win against a lower team pretty much incentivizing them to destroy people with no chance and drain their gems. You should get hardly any points or none at all when you beat a team 500 below you.


I noticed they timed a 3hr Spell Book from Mirt to hit during the test of might.
So I cleared almost through the second level and activated the book ( accepted it from Mirt) and busted out the rest for free.
Things like that I see as a sign that they are trying to throw us a bone, and I hope they keep it up. HINT HINT Ludia :wink:
Normally I would rather take my chances getting a legendary from a card pack or a battle chest, VIP free chest, than pay gems to PVP battle for one.

They only timed that book for you. But now today it looks like it’s available for everyone!