Legitimacy of Top of the leaderboard

So I wonder how many of those at the top of the leaderboard with over 20k trophies are just using bots to auto-play their battles, now that they’ve unlocked their teams to (almost) level 30 everything. I also wonder how many turn out to be legit players, I hope that I’m pleasantly surprised. I also wonder what Ludia will do next to let us have clean and fair tournaments which we all can actually compete in. Does anyone actually know these people, are you here on this forum? Answers on a postcard.


Winner of First Tournament
3rd in first Tournament

Those two had interviews with Metahub. One of them has a Youtube Channel

Yep I saw those and rejoiced at the ‘real legit gamers’ winning. However the first tournament winner is now currently 12th with 7.5k trophies, that’s a looooong way from 28k trophies at the top. The former winner has all L30 'saurs, the tournament leader has only 3 L30s, but a combination of very tactical creatures which would pretty much beat anything with a bit of RNG and a bot to just keep replaying them. Something smells very fishy here and it’s not a mosasaur!

Wow, just because they play alot and put lots of money in this game doesn’t make them cheaters. Ludia has done pretty good job to kick cheaters from tournament.


Maybe because the last tournament winner decided that he didn’t want to spend dozens of hours this time to win prizes that really mean nothing to him.


I thought he said in the interviews that he was planning on defending his title, I bet he’s really gutted that he just needs another 20,500 to be even able to compete.

Hi yes I am here, if I count, I’m currently at 19th place. I created an account to answer this topic. I may not be as high up as you are talking about but I know why they have so many trophies. About 5-7 days ago, around the time the top just skyrocketed up in trophy count, my match-making slowed to a crawl. It takes 4-5 min if lucky to enter the 2 min countdown screen, then when I play, it’s a bot. Anyone remember the days when you had to play those crazy level 29 euoplocephalus? It’s like that. At this point my team is so developed, they don’t pose too hard of a challenge. Win the battle and get like between 35-50 trophies. Rinse, repeat. Once you get into the top 25 or so, there is nobody to play, so you get a bot. They made matchmaking more fair alright, so fair that the top has nobody to play, so they get a bot. I guarantee the people at the top are just doing this all day long, I can’t, b/c of work and family, battle from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed, but if I did I’d have 10,000 trophies. Hope I shed some light.


I know lego well and he is legit. As Maxx says, the tourney changes at higher ranks from a competition among peers to a foot-race for trophies.


why did they take my post down?

It’s possible to have that many trophies if you simply battle most of the time and not do it just for incubators. The teams they have are very likely a result of serious grinding and a lot of money spent plus relatively okay luck with incubator lottery. I know that there seems to be some dislike from some people toward whales but in this game being a whale doesn’t really get you that far either because of the bad RNG with DNA so either way, a lot of hard work and devotion is required to get to the leader’s board. Besides, in most scenarios being a whale also requires one to work hard in real life so nothing wrong with people wanting to spend money the way they like to treat themselves. Also, people say this game is Pay-2-Win, I think it’s more Pay-and-Hope-You-Progress-At-All :rofl: With the high chances of getting useless dna, most of the time it’s money wasted anyway


While the issue was brought up, I’d like to address the issue of pay to win. I guess it just depends on your standard of what is or isn’t too much. I have a top-tier team and spend $100 to $150 a month mainly just to get coins. The random incubators are trash, so there isn’t really anything to spend money on besides coins. I have a 60 hour a week job that I do well, a child, a wife, and a social life. If I want to spend $100 a month on something that I play all the time with my wife and son, you bet I will, we drop x2 that at the grocery store every other week. I don’t feel like there is anything wrong with spending money, everyone can do it, some just commit. I applaud anyone out there that has the means to buy mad premium incubators, I would if I could. It is part of the system of the game they created, totally fair.


Its nice to see a top 20 say incubators are trash…


are just using bots to auto-play their battles

is that a thing?

Dude yeah they for sure are, we just have the local zones screenshotted on my phone, we go on long family hunts in the car, and seek out specific stuff. If you look at my team, I live and work in L1, and prefer to hunt in L2, and my team reflects that. Outside of us always be playing, I battle all the time because its really fun to me. I still don’t have erlidominus or trykosaurus yet, my only missing two, because like everyone else I can’t ever find the golden turkey or golden turtle. Maybe premium incubators would change that, but yes they are trash, and I have a mortgage. Point is, it is possible to be legit. Now those folks that had level 28 erlidominus back in the days before the first tournament, as you can see, they are gone…


I saw a video of someone buying the max level premium incubator… got like 600 mono… 2k gali… and the rest of it was junk so even buying those arent guranteed to give progression.

I had a question about your team… you have both utahsino and utarinex st 25… living and working in a l1 my utah was my 4th legendary and i love him… is it worthwhile to continue to level him versus just focusing on the unique?

Marktheshark here, 5th on the leaderboard. 100% Legit. Started this game August 9th. Was known in my community/region for being a top player in Pokémon GO but the game had lost its savor and had a friend strongly encourage I look into this game. I’m a very competitive person in nature, never half ass a game I play. That said I’ve spent a pretty penny on my team haha. As some folks I noticed on here point out, at top rank it turns into a race for the most trophies. Personally, I don’t understand how the top 3 have already 20k+ trophies, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll be in wait queues for a PvP match for 10 minutes before I get to have a match, so now I’ll have the game waiting for a match while I’m working out and pause my workout when an opponent is found. I hustle hard to get what I have in this game. I’m out all hunting when I have the spare time to do so, I’ve even memorized the borders of what areas are L1, L2, L3 & L4. I’ve never purchased a Premium incubator, they’re a complete crap shoot waste of money. I have a friend who has and has told me he’s seen more production in his team in 1 night hunting with me than an entire week on his own, buying premium Incubators included. I love this game, it’s fresh fun and Ludia does a great job at actually listening to their community.

I’ve never cheated in this game, such as botting, spoofing, hacking, etc. I have several people that can vouch for my legitimacy, few of which I had introduced to the game and are even in the top 500 now.


600 Mono is considered super lucky in this game :scream: But yeah, definitely not enough to make much of a dent for progression, sadly

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No auto bot here. Just pure hard work. The good thing about this game is while waiting to get a match in the battle arena, I can do other things. Like Marktheshark said, at the level we are in right now, it’s a race and those who have patience and consistency, will prevail. I’ve actually recorded some of our battles and uploaded them in YT for those interested to see how bots are in our level. At our level, it’s easy to win over bots, but I had some loses too.


How many hours per day / week do you spend walking, driving etc.

I can’t walk too much due to mobility issues, but when I am out as a passenger driving it’s usually a 2-3 hour drive anywhere from once to thrice per week. Can’t imagine the amount of time consumption for your team(s)!

We all say that (well not exactly trash just it’s a gamble that just don’t worth it). Better hunt in area you know the stuff you want is.

@maxxxwwell nice to see you around :grinning: