You know, it’s cool that they added an unannounced creature to the game and all, but I can’t get these things into a darting session. I don’t know if they’re going too fast or if the field to activate is too small. I just can’t get them. Anybody else have any luck?


Oops, forgot to remove my tongue from my cheek this morning. That fixed it, thanks!

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What? Is there an unannounced creature in the game?

Which creature are you talking about?

Ohh, you mean the butterflies :joy:

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Ah! I get it! Lepidoptera! Haha

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I figured everybody needs a chuckle these days. Hopefully it worked.


O no! Ai wuz abul 2 dard wun en nao awl mai Ray Bradbury buks arr gon!

Why couldn’t they have been Compsognathus …