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Leptocleidus & Elasmosaurus unlock needed

I’m not certain when the last unlock was for these two creatures, but I’ve been playing about two years and have not seen them come up. Since I have unlocked most everything else besides a few legendary tournament creatures and a handful of hybrids, it’s safe to say I’m an active player.

If you are also missing these creatures and want an unlock, please help draw attention to this post and let’s get Ludia’s attention.


Agreed especially since they released a hybrid for elasmosaurus. Definitely I dont understand ludia keeping elasmosaurus in unlock cycle but not giving an event for it.

You’re right. I’ve been playing since April 2019 and haven’t had the chance to unlock those two. Styxosaurus as well.

Absolutely, I need to unlock Leptocleidus and Elasmosaurus as well, I even only unlocked Helicoprion a few days ago

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Welcome to the Forum @BeholdIndoraptorGen3 I also agree

Welcome to the forum, @BeholdIndoraptorGen3

Leptocleidus - 1/14/19
Elasmosaurus - 2/25/19

Styxosaurus - 4/8/19, although it was also the Middleweight prize creature in a bracketed tournament the week of 4/27/20


Welcome to the forums, @BeholdIndoraptorGen3

January and February of 2019. Yeah, that’s about when I started playing. I either started shortly after the events, or I couldn’t complete them at the time since I wouldn’t have had many creatures past rare at that point.

Yep, it would be really nice to have an unlock event for these two guys.

Yup, I’m in the same boat. Only unlocks I missed out on. Seems like we got caught up with the reshuffle and all the later players when it comes to these two SRs. I’ve at this point got 3 lvl 40 Leptos, Elasmo has been much more elusive for me, I just used up my only lvl 40 for the new hybrid so now have to try and collect enough copies to make one again. Been using CT coins to aquatics but so far no luck with getting any. I’m not counting on ever getting an unlock.

Well, it was nice having yet another Geosaurus unlock last week. Probably the forth or fifth time I’ve unlocked that guy. You know what I haven’t been able to unlock? Elasmosaurus. Two years and no unlock. Would be really nice to unlock him so I can create the new Geolasmosaurus hybrid.

Hello Ludia, pull your head out and give us more variety in the super rare aquatic unlocks.


I got this in the trade habor image

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Well yeah that’s exactly why Ludia makes some of these base creatures hard to get… in hopes that players will spend LPs or DBs in the TH to get them (or even better the hybrid, which doesn’t even unlock it)…which leads to more of them paying for memberships to get more of those resources.

I have all the solid gold creature and I don’t have this so I trades for it

Lucky man indeed

Well, another week with another aquatic unlock that wasn’t either of these. Seriously, I’m down to 5 creatures to unlock and 2 are these super rares. Come on Ludia, let’s get these into rotation.

Xiphactinus is pretty difficult to unlock.

I think this is the third or forth time I’ve unlocked Xiphactinus. With only 2 legendary tournament creatures left to unlock, I would have hoped all the super rares would have been available for unlock by now. Two years since these two have been in the cycle and a new hybrid was introduced that many cannot unlock because the Elasmosaurus hasn’t had an unlock for so long. That is frustrating as well, because it is my last hybrid to unlock. I have to wait for random Elasmosaurus rewards from events to level that creature up before I can unlock the hybrid, unless there are some unlock events. Hint hint ludia.


It’s terrible how Ludia just made the Geolasmosaurus and didn’t even bother to think of so many players who haven’t unlocked one of it’s components.

A few weeks back I had I think an entire week of Elasmosaurus Hunt in Trades and all after which I unlocked Geolasmosaurus, but still, why is Ludia just assuming most players are Pre Reshuffle, have unlocked it or have enough copies? It’s by far one of the most elusive Aquatics!

Same with Pyroraptor too! They just dropped Dimetrocarnus completely ignoring the fact that so many players don’t have Pyroraptor unlocked.

Even as someone who has enough copies to max almost all locked base creatures I’ll still stand by this — it’s terrible that while releasing hybrids they sometimes don’t even care about players who haven’t unlocked the non-Tournament-creature components.