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Less boring battles


Hi, could you try to change up the way the dinosaur battles are because they get boring after a while, as you are just taking turns pressing buttons to hit the opponent’s dinosaur. Could there be a cooler way to have them fight? For example, could you have a kind of thing like they have in clash Royale where you spawn in your dinosaurs and different ones do different things. That is just an example, but could you do something to make the battles more interesting, thank you for considering and have a good day.


I really enjoy the battles and Ive been playing for a while and others can agree. However there will need to be more features than catching and battling to really spruce up the game and its enjoyment.


@Voultronix the battles are soooo boring. Just at the beginning you can always tell who will win, it is just a comparison of dinosaurs and sees who is better, which I understand is basically the point but I still wanna see more action and strategy


Keep playing and you’ll find there gets to be a lot of strategy. Some times you’d think one dinosaur is the obvious winner but then they can down 2 dinos before they’re taken out. If you’re only focusing on attack strength it would be boring, but looking at speed, buffs, debuffs, immunity, armour, etc. There’s so much that goes into choosing the best team, once you have the options. I find battles very exciting, and take great pleasure when my level 10s and 11s are taking down 15-19s.


Honestly that Clash royale system would be boring af, this is great atm! So much strategy etc, its not just hit button and u see who win.


I dislike the clash royale game play and I am very happy with the battle system of this game.
If you think this game is boring, then look for another game, there are like millions of games in the game store.


I love the battle system they have here. It is awesome. I hope they don’t change it. I think it would be nice if they had each dinosaur have more than 2 abilities though, like 3-4.


This is the Battle system LIE-antic has still yet to launch over on Pokemon Go. I instantly fell in love with it.


Wait til you start making hybrids.