Less bosses?

Are bosses more rare in the map this week? Have ludia tweaked this and not told us?


It’s probably just a random thing. I see plenty at the moment. Some days many, some days few. When I drive around it’s fairly stable every day.

Nah… I don’t believe it’s random… I also noticed how hard it is to get a lobby this week.

Setting up a raid takes way longer then the actually battling… :frowning:

I’m the same, for the last 3 weeks I haven’t been getting bosses in my area… :disappointed_relieved: (I’m lucky I’ve been getting invites from friends and alliance members. )

Hard how? You find people you want to raid with, you invite them and you play.
The fact that certain bosses are harder to find is just because these days there are more different bosses on the map at the same time. The spots have to be divided.

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I have no bosses in my circle, most of them are on far horizon or not even there… While before I had allways 1 or 2 bosses in reach… So that makes me think they changed some parameters…

I also notice in my alliance, that people don’t have that much bosses available in circle, thus getting less invites.

Bosses are definitely more spread out this week. It isn’t the rarity of the boss but that the total number of bosses on the map has decreased.


I’ll sometimes get bosses inside my darting circle, other times I won’t. It’s all RNG.

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The last 2 bosses I’ve had in my circle are this weeks mortem and last weeks. I used to live 3 blocks away from where I live rn, and there used to be so many bosses where I’m at rn, but now I barely get any bosses and they are all near my old house, gotta love ludia and this weird thing

Yeah it feels as if the more bosses they add each day, the less they spawn. Our alliance hasn’t been able to have a proper raid in the past two days.

If I don’t have a boss in reach, I can usually find it on my commute to work, or around work. Today I couldn’t find a Smilonemys anywhere. It does feel there’s less about and I imagine when when we have 4 bosses on a Thursday itll be even worse to find a specific boss. It’ll mean more going out and exploring, which given many countries are in Lockdown again isn’t the best idea

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