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Less complaining please

Dear fellow Lovelink players,

I’ve noticed a lot of complaining about characters coming and going too fast and about them not returining fast enough. Please let’s not do that anymore.

Please let’s remind ourselves that game designing isn’t as easy as taking out trash is.

It’s not a job that can be done in a hurry because you all would be even more unhappy with rushed stories and other things.

Everything needs to be thoroughly planned out and that obviously takes a lot of time. Especially with the amount of characters they have in this game.

I know it’s frustrating to wait so long, but imagine how bad the hard working team feels if they only see endless complaining.

I’m not sure they do, but I can imagine their frustration would be 100 times bigger than yours, if they did.

Why would you try make people trying their best feel bad?

Please be more understanding,patient and thankful for what they have done so far. And for what they hopefully will continue to do for a long time.


There would be less complaining if there was a release schedule in place and/or less favortism towards certain characters over others like Damien/Austin, Liam/Min Jae, Jonathan/Albert.

Some characters are still being written as they have been unavailable for months or at all.

I get your point but if everyone didnt complain there would be 0 feedback. That’s just my opinion and that’s not including how I feel about the lack of female characters/content


I totally get your point, game design isn’t easy, and I don’t like to complain unless I have to. But when I have to wait nearly 7 months for most of my matches to return, I’m going to complain, as sometimes complaining is the only way we can get our point across.

And like @JDR said: ’There would be less complaining if there was a release schedule in place and/or less favouritism towards certain characters over others’

Plus, comparing Ludia to other game developers, both mobile and console/pc, who have updated their games more frequently and with more content within the past months. Ludia has really dropped the balll


Might I add one of Lovelink’s competitors already has probably close to 50 playable characters


This kind of creative story telling does take time, and there are apps out there who produce far lower quality content than this game does.

Most of these virtual dating apps all have the same problem in terms of scheduling and releasing updates with any kind of regularity.

But, as has been said above - and this is something that many of us have been calling for for months - a little transparency and honesty would go a long way.

I have been waiting since last summer for some of my favourite matches to return. If the devs had been honest about that from the off, I would have had nothing to complain about.

Even if they had put out a statement saying how the pandemic had set everything back and they can’t promise anything, most of us would have settled for that.

But at least we got a stickman for about 2-minutes, eh?


I whole heartedly agree with all the points made here. I know that storylines take time to come together, being a writer myself, I can definitely sympathize with getting everything just right. As someone mentioned there are other similar games out there, my worst experience MeChat. I appreciate that Lovelink takes its time and that they don’t release just to appease the players.

However, I have noticed that some people have been waiting up to 7 months for updates - I simply do not understand why it takes this long. To add a premium package while things are clearly not up to date seems like a little bit more of a money grabbing scheme to me than anything. Once again I am sitting with no active chats. It is frustrating that I pay for the premium package but literally cannot play the game.

It isn’t about complaining - it is expressing how anxious we are to have our matches back. Some of us feel so connected to these matches and personally for me, being chronically ill, some days this feels like social interaction for me. Almost as if it is the only type of social interaction that I can manage. Again, if a lot of the issues are due to the pandemic, I could understand that but the company haven’t so much as offered an explanation of what is taking so long. It is frustrating for us all and expressing that isn’t complaining, in my humble opinion.


To all, I agree with less complaining, but constructive criticism would probably be a better help.

I understand people’s point on needing to speak up but I think it is also can be how people complain… repeating the same thing again and again is not constructive.

Lovelink seem newish this type of app, and on a steep learning curve themselves.
I’ve found They are interested in our feedback, the survey is proof of this.

We don’t know what is going on their side and there is a lot that goes into these apps…

I would say let’s complain less but provide constructive criticism instead.

For example, the issue with all the matches greying out.

It is frustrating but constructive criticism will help more if we’re clearly help them understand why it’s important to address it.

If anyone isn’t sure the difference, below is a constructive criticism alternative:

“The characters all seem to grey out leaving few to none active chats. I understand it takes time to update stories. However, because the stories are so engaging, it’s depressing seeing them all come to a halt, with no stories active.

As User feedback, could this please be adjusted so there are is always a few chats active for male and female, even if there’s it’s not an everyday chat. they could also consist of short chats.

This will keep users engaged and bonding with characters and the game and stops a negative association to the game from unwittingly being created in its early days.”


the last few returning characters such as rose/dahlia were just that. i hear a couple of male characters were the same way. the last few chats have been hurried and counterproductive to the engagement process. if the ywould do their jobs and get the app updated we wouldnt be anxious and complaining

Well, maybe there shouldn’t be so much to complain about then?

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Which one is that?

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