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Less DNA than guaranteed from incubators?


Just today I opened a Rare Incubator. But while I got the “guaranteed” 358 Rare DNA and 2316 coins, I only got 1806 common DNA, rather than 2164. It’s also not the first time the number of DNA “guaranteed” is wrong, but it is the first time it is that much.


You’re probably better off raising a support ticket about this.


Hey there, CityRaptor, it seems as if there may have been some confusion regarding the amount of guaranteed DNA. 358 Rare DNA added to 1806 Common DNA does add up to 2164. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm this without any screenshots for context, but if this happens again please contact us at so we can take a closer look at your account.


Actually It said 358 Rare DNA in addition to 2164 common DNA would be guaranteed.