Less exclusive dinosaurs needed for new creatures

There are two main ways to make money in the video game industry once you have established a product.
The first way is to make a great product and have small micro transactions that help you build up to get the final achievement and actually enjoy it for a while. It does not feel like you have to pay to win, because not everything feels like you have to buy something to be on top. This is a sustained business model with a decent customer service and a product people trust in.
The second way, is once a game model comes out is to burn through customers by doing bait and switch where customers constantly have to buy the latest and greatest thing to be competitive but there is no time to sit and enjoy what you have, because it will become obsolete the next update or expansion. Eventually, everything seems like it is designed to maximize income for the company, and to do nothing for the loyal customers. The company makes more money in the beginning or in quick spurts, but the customer base eventually no longer trusts the company or the product, because that product has no guaranteed value. The game eventually dies and people move on, and never buy from that company again, and tell others to not do so as well because it is perceived as a bait and switch company.
One of the fun things about this game is hunting for rare creatures in the wild and building on that.
If the business model takes that away, and makes it so exclusive creatures (purchase only) are needed for the next latest and greatest creature, that aspect of the game is gone.
Everything new, seems like it requires a purchase and that the business model has switched from creating a fun product to make money at all cost.
Please make it so new top end creatures don’t have to constantly have a purchase of one form or another or some special requirement.
Right now there are zero top end creatures that don’t require some type of exclusivity to use and play with and at any given time, things can be nerfed or boosted to drastically change the game balance with no compensation for the hard work players put into the game.
Even Scorpius Rex Gen 3 and Indotaurus requires certain creatures that are only available at certain times.
We want to hunt things that have meaning. We want to build up on things and enjoy what we have. This can’t be done when everything requires purchases and sanctuary builds.


That ship has sailed a while back already.

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Lately I’ve been thinking that there are 2 kinds of app games -

Ones that figure out how to monetize an already great game…

and those that cobble together a game around making money.

You get one guess which game this is.


Jwa and jwtg have never been ones with fair monotenization. Everything in the shop has been horribly overpriced since day one and they cant figure out how to make money from their poor choices.


100$ items in the shop.
Even if I had the money to blow on that… I wouldn’t.
That’s an SHMA figure at release price.
Food for a day.
10 albums on iTunes.
A LOT of…… trees :dash:


I don’t understand the reason to make so many exclusives aside from money.
I get that games need money, but when it comes at a giant cost for fun, is it worth it?
Alloraptor is a fan favourite, it’s needed a hybrid for years, and we finally get it, its heavily event locked, completely absurd.
This game is being driven into the ground, due to the current path, shame because the idea is good, and excecution was good.
I think the game once again needs a complete rebalance, for battles and spawns.

This. My mind can’t get around how someone may even considering paying 20$ for one fusion of 10-20 DNA. If their incubators went from 1-20$, as most mobile games do, they would have made billions in microtransactions.


Ludia do seem immune to the idea of supply and demand, ie that youll make more money from 500k people paying £5-10 for something than from 1000 paying £50-100.


Not even in next weeks event but hey they gave us the legendarys component :sweat: :sweat:

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We are many who feel like this!

How to keep motivation?

They aren’t even giving the Albertosaurus DNA everyone desperately needs for the new overpowered hybrid we can’t get due to Albertospinos :expressionless:

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