Less treasure chests?


So a new chest event has come around and I’ve just gone for a 45 minute or so walk where I would normally see around 7 but this time I have only seen 1.

Has anyone else seen a drastic decrease in the spawn rates of chests or am I just unlucky where I live.

Between the stupidly short time that chests are around these days and now this the grind is becoming unreasonable.


No point in taking part…
Had 5 around me so set out a route to go on a walk, got to the first one, got 2450 and the rest disappeared…

What’s the point, where is the incentive… 1 chest, wow wet ya knickers, big deal


Usually I could see 2 or 3 from my home. Today I don’t see anything so I won’t go outside wandering around for nothing granted. I just start to take it easy: if I could see one chest and have the time, I’ll go out, if not, it’s not that small amount that makes the difference to me.


I walked 2.5 miles saw none. Is it possible they disappear at coin limit. I’d already reached it.


You can collect one chest every 6 hours and rest of the treasure chests disappear. So you can collect a total of 4 in 24 hours but only 1 every 6 hr (which forces you to go out once every 6hr where one time would come late night)!


Yep, saw 5-6 around me, so I went to the further one cos there were 3 bunched around a small area. Collected on it and everything disappeared. Does this mean that we are now subjected to only one chest per 6 hours? For real?


Yup. Included in the daily coins limit. So honnestly it’s not worth the effort at all :man_shrugging:t4:


If you have already reached your daily limit (which resets every night at 8pm US EDT), then you can get these treasure chest coins on top of the limit. That’s how I have been collecting them since last couple of times.


Next lot up. Right next to me. Don’t know what happened earlier.


What a stupid system. I’m guessing this is Ludias way of limiting us yet again because they don’t want us to get to many coins without giving them money.


not really. i think they changed how they spawn though. they used to stay in the same spot and refresh, now they unspawn and spawn somewhere else after however long the timer is.


I don’t mind them spawning in different locations from time to time. But getting only 1 every 6 hours is what I find stupid. Who is going to get up at stupid o’clock in the morning just to get 1 chest. Most people will be limited to 3 a day because they need sleep


You know how sometimes you open the app and the gps is in the wrong place for 2 seconds? Well it actually just took me to a chest so that was nice :sweat_smile::grin:


And yes, most people need sleep :joy::joy:


Found three close together while out walking this evening. Collected one and the rest vanished. Bad show Ludia. :frowning:


Last week and this week it’s a big fat dud for me! Last week I saw only 2 and couldn’t get close enough to them. Today I actually saw 5 but no matter how much I pressed the damn things wouldn’t open, of the 5 I only got one open. It’s a proper shame too because I am always desperate for coins :sob:


I experienced this as well. I solved fast clicking the chest in different places of the screen (before this glitch, I used to press just the coin icon but this doesn’t work all the time). Hope this helps.