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Lesser Uniques

Thank you to Metahub for giving me the opportunity to write my 1st article on a topic I feel very passionate about! I believe all Uniques should be top tier contenders in the game, and I hope Ludia feels the same way. Let me know what y’all think and what other ideas could be incorporated for these beasts.


Very much agree. If anything it would allow people to pursue alternates if they have access to different zones but right now I know every time I (stubbornly) fuse my Dio, it’s one less for something that’s actually playable.

Great first article! I would add buff Toura’s damage as well since its counter - attack is nigh pointless.

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I did make a point in adding about 120 higher base damage for Tuora

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Definitely Tuora lacks something , some times I think is the order of the hits, maybe the stunt move without delay would be a lot more useful
Or at least like Paramoloch an anticipated movement.
Great article by the way.

I agree with your article wholeheartedly @Marktheshark . All of the Uniques should be fearsome- ALL OF THEM! and we should have such a hard time deciding on a lineup. Ludia- incorporate these changes and lets elevate these Lesser Uniques to their rightful standing amongst the JWA beasts!

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There definately needs to be a wider array of end game dinos for multiple reasons. Very good read and I support all of your thoughts!

Great article my friend! Agree 100%. I wanna see a wide variety of Dino’s in the arena. Just can’t because of the lack of use from other uniques. Please ludia take what is said here into consideration. Give us more useful strategy and alternatives to the norm


I wouldn’t mind a buff to those, but I disagree with the premise of Uniques should be unquestionably better.

I am all for them being a tiny bit, reasonably stronger (like Magnapyritor, Indoraptor and Utarinex), but no way or form do I want 1 dinosaur abominations like Diloracheirus, Trykosaurus and arguably Erlidominus.

As for the ideas.

  • Touramoloch: Imo it would be enough if the base power was upped. I am a bit on the fence with the Stunning Rampage, as I like the fact you sacrifice a bit of damage CC / status effect. I generally loathe stunning rampage as a move, so take it with a grain of salt.

  • Diorajasaurus: yeah, it need more hp, but 20% seems overkill. A tiny bit more speed wouldn’t hurt either. Imo 10% hp + 109/110 speed could do.

  • Grypolyth… It already has a surprisingly high damage output. And if you buff it’s speed, it can’t permalock Dracoce-RAT-OP-s anymore.
    Maybe Ferocious Impact instead of strike?

  • Vexus
    Well, it has low hp, but it is blindingly fast (129 speed), immune and has distraction. Giving it more hp would lead to a disaster. What I don’t understand is that why it doesn’t have lethal swoop? :thinking: It would then be the only Unique with swap in and swap out wound, making it having a distinct identity.

  • Stygidaryx:
    Yeah, lethal wound or defense shattering impact would make more sense on it. The double swoop seems pretty redundant.

Am I the only one trying to search for Utranix in that list and felt bad to not finding her? Poor Utranix, not only benched from the playing deck but also from the Unique dinos list too.

Completely Agree with this. Good job on your 1st Article @Marktheshark
Luida take some notes.
It is getting boring out there seeing the same dino’s again and again.
Buff these dino’s listed on Mark’s article and DO NOT NERF the others that are not listed.


Don’t know what you mean. Mine’s 27 and still holds her own. She did make Apex tier BTW:

@Marktheshark well done. Great read. Quite feel the exact same too tbh

I was able to use Dracoceratops 3 times in one battle because my opponent brought in Turamoloch to “Deal” with Dracoceratops. Thing hits like a wet noodle. Swapped in an almost dead Spinotasuchus the first time and Tryostonix the second time who ate the “stun” and laughed.

Certainly doesn’t feel like a Unique stepping on the battle field.

Utarinex is a dinosaur who has very few notable counters. Only ones that come to mind are 4 of the 5 in Tyrant tier, including against itself. Though I’m not not fond of Ludia’s switch from Distracting Rampage to Impact (at all), it still has a strong presence in the meta

Dioraja is extremely underwhelming. I’m disappointed that I wasted all of that Anky DNA leveling it up just to replace it with D2. A common dino shouldn’t be able to replace a unique and be more effective. I don’t even want to work on Dioraja anymore in its current state. Sure, against the right dinos it can be effective. But D2 is effective against every dino, so it still wins. More health would convince me to continue working on Dioraja and bring it back on my team. It’s almost useless after you swap it in and take a hit just to get a counter attack kill.


I’ve always wanted to make use of Diorajasaur on my team simply because of how amazingly designed the beast is, and it’s kit does have a purpose especially in this Swap heavy meta, but there’s still so much left to be desired


Great article!

I love what Ludia has done with thor and rinex, both of which are very valuable and sometimes you have to decide which one to go for, and this is the real balance.

But for dioraja and tryko, the choice is way too obvious…


Well thought out and each Unique analysis is on the spot!

I, myself, recently created Grypolyth and used it in our Alliance Draft. Honestly, it’s weak sauce even against some epics and certainly has not much of a BITE against its other Unique brethren… oh and mind you, this is at lvl 26 (we know what a b-h it is, to hunt for it’s parent!)

Don’t get me started with the 2 latest birdie Uniques. From day 1, all the flyers are just meh. They seemed to have been created for situational match ups which honestly don’t pan out well (often) for the user.

There is a reason why competitive players do not (prefer not to) touch the Uniques mentioned in the article. I believe all of us know the answer why…

Ludia take more time to look into these as well as fixing all those priority fixes that we have been asking you to.

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I feel if Ludia were to buff these Uniques it would add alot to the arena and battles. It would change up the same old boring lineups that plague the arena, and allow people to vary their teams, there are too many good dinos just sitting there and not being used.

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